Sunday, 20 May 2012

Missha Perfect Cover B.B Cream Review

I wanted to try a BB-cream and felt like my then current foundation was too dark for me, so off to eBay I went. I chose this store and ordered a travel size tube (20ml) of Missha Perfect Cover B.B Cream in no. 13, the lightest shade Missha offers. The package arrived in about a week.

The tube was packed in a silver coloured box and looked very neat. I've now been using the BB-cream for over a month an apparently didn't take pictures of the package.
20ml tube

I had previously been using MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation in NW15, which is the lightest warm shade MAC has. I bought it in the middle of winter, so it might have been matched to my skin when there was still some tan left from the summer, but now it's just too dark.

MAC Studio Sculpt NW15 and Missha Perfect Cover B.B Cream no. 13

The pic didn't come out so good, but here are the foundations blended in.
On top in the MAC foundation, that clearly looks orangey on my skin.
The bottom one that's almost invisible is the BB-cream.

The BB-cream offers lighter coverage than Studio Sculpt, but still hides small imperfections and evens out the skintone nicely. I use a kabuki brush to put it on and feel like the BB-cream doesn't sink into the brush like the foundation tends to do. I use transparent powder on the BB-cream to set it. The cream lasts the whole day on my face. I use primer on my oily t-zone, but otherwise it's just BB-cream and powder.

Studio Sculpt stated it has SPF 15 sunprotection, where as the BB-cream boasts SPF 42. I burn easily, so I like wear high sun protection. Some sunscreens show up on camera like white film on the skin, but both these foundations work fine in pictures.

My skin has been in a really great condition lately, but I'm not sure if it's because of the BB-cream or my new cleanser or the night cream I use for summer. I suspect the BB-cream plays a part but can't be sure.

The tube has no ingredients list but claims the cream heals blemishes and wrinkles, prevents aging and whitens skin. As far as I know, it has no actual whitening ingedients and the tube kind of suggests that it gives a whitening effect by healing the skin. I have experienced no whitening (and don't want to, I'm pale enough!).

-Feels light on skin
-Gives light, natural coverage and evens out skintone
-The shade is very light
-High sun protection

-If you need heavier coverage, this product is not for you


  1. Thanks for the tip! It's always so hard to find a foundation light enough, and good enough.

    1. Good to know I can be of help! I really like this product, I even got a larger tube :)

  2. I love that it's color #13, haha.

  3. Kiitos vinkistä, laitoin itselleni tämän tilaukseen. Saas nähdä, onko kesäiholle liian vaalea. :)

    1. It bloody well is (color-wise)!
      I am so glad I found it - even "Lumene-põhjamaisele naisele" does not offer something this light! I am now totally set for winter and spring; Aina-cream can take care of summer. :D

  4. Hi!
    Does the Missha M BB cream changes colour during the day?

    1. I haven't noticed it changing. I've been using this BB-cream for almost a year now, so I'm pretty confident to say that it does not oxidize or anything else, the colour stays the way it's when you apply.


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