Friday, 4 May 2012

Pink Sunset Look

I wanted a light and easy look yesterday, so I dug up light pink and orange eyeshadows and did something with them. I put some Tako in the inner corners and browbone, then padded Rapunzel had Extensions on the lids and added Flying Flower to the crease and outer corners. Finished with black mascara. The lips were done by first putting on the lipstain, then the liquid lipstick on top for some shine.

I used:
Fyrinnae Rapunzel had Extensions
Aromaleigh Flying Flower
Sugarpill Tako
Gosh lipstain in 002 Pink
Elf liquid lipstick in Rasberry

Look how green the colours make my eyes seem!

I had my hair up, it still has the curls done on Monday. I'm impressed!

I'm growing out the black in my bangs, here you can see my progress because I was
just bending down to pet a kitty while taking the pic ;P

I'm working on an essay for my studies regarding lifestyle blogs, it's always the same, you think you have lots of time and then suddenly the deadline is a few days away and you are writing like crazy. I'm already looking forward to my holiday that starts on the 24th, I'm going to Wave Gotik Treffen and then right afterwards heading to St. Petersburg! Also found out I'm going on a work trip to Cologne at the end of the summer. I love my work, but travelling and summer festivals are my favourite things!


  1. like it! and i'm in love with your hair! *__*

  2. I really like it. RPE is always so pretty.

    1. Thanks! I haven't used the colour so much, since I haven't come up with any darker looks to use it with, but it's just so nice that I guess I'll have to spend time coming up with a few ;P

  3. I absolutely love the purple you have in your hair now! Can I ask what is your natural hair colour? I'm guessing it's pretty light if you can just put the purple over it and it comes out that bright. You lucky lady! I have really dark hair (doesn't help that I have been dying it black for years!) and I would love to be able to go copper red. But I will have to go down the stripping/bleaching route, and I'm not sure my hair will thank me! ♥

    1. Thank you! I'm naturally a dark blonde, and the purple sticks nicely to my natural hair. I usually bleach the hair a few times a year, because then the colour grips better, but I can get away with just slapping some Directions colour on ;)


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