Thursday, 24 May 2012

In Leipzig!

What a long day this has been! We started off at five o'clock in the morning and arrived to Leipzig after noon (after traveling through Stockholm and Berlin). It's quite hot, but since beer is so cheap, no one has to go thirsty ;P

Wave Gotik Treffen has begun and the city is overrun by goths :) The real action starts tomorrow.

On the way from Berlin airport to the railway station.

The hotel has cute orange coat hangers!

And some pretty wallpaper.

And a cute checkered chair!

Weissbier = sehr Gut

My other half's sunglasses.

A snapshot of me trying to show how nice my hair
looks against my dress ;P

I got pink extension streaks added to my hair on Wednesday and painted my nails too with a lovely purple. I'm so happy to be in Leipzig, the city is wonderful and there will a ton of good bands playing the next few days. Now I'm off to take a long warm bath to revive my poor legs, they are already sore from walking around!


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