Sunday, 27 May 2012

Satur Day & Night WGT

Saturday was awesome, ate Indian food, did some shopping and listened to excellent bands! I bought a new corset and wore it in the evening, it was very comfy and looked good. And Urban Decay Primer Potion proved its worth again by keeping my eyeshadow creaseless for over twelve hours, including a very sweaty Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio gig.

Now for some pictures!

My other half at the Indian restaurant.

Me at the same place. Many old ladies wanted to take pictures of us ;P

My nails, I'm wearing a sticker on the ring finger. Also some
delicious pils in the pic ;)

Took a break from the shopping and had milkshakes,
mine was kiwi-banana and his was strawberry.
I didn't get any pictures of my evening look, because I only had half an hour to get ready and then rushed to see the bands. Saw Ordo Equituum Solis, Ordo Rosarius Equilbrio and Hekate. ORE was brilliant, as was Hekate! Hekate started an hour or so late and played an extra half hour, so I was a bit tired afterwards and only stopped to eat and find my other half at Moritzbastei and headed off to the hotel to get some sleep. Tonight I'm planning on actually partying at Moritzbastei ;D


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I did a purple halfmoon manicure before leaving home and just added a lacy sticker on one finger.

  2. Replies
    1. I've been wanting to see ORE for the last ten years and the concert did not let me down! Thanks!

  3. Absolutely beautiful -- you are a gorgeous, gorgeous couple! And those nails are fabulous!


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