Saturday, 16 March 2013

Fyrinnae Purples Part I

Princess of Darkness, Cuddlefish, Sennyo, Nevermore and Faerie Glamour.

I wanted to swatch more eyeshadows, so I decided to do my Fyrinnae purples next. I would have thought that I own a ton of them, because Fyrinnae is one of my favourite companies and I love purple, but there actually weren't so many in the end. Here's the first batch!

Princess of Darkness
Princess of Darkness is a matte plum purple, almost close to burgundy. Works very well on green eyes! My swatch is on Pixie Epoxy primer, which made it a b*tch to get on evenly. You should use a less sticky base with this colour, as I feel is good with all Fyrinnae mattes.

Cuddlefish is a blue based purple, very cold and with lots of pink and blue shimmer. I usually put something more red on top of Cuddlefish or put it on another shade to give shimmer, since it's so cold. Cold, blue purples don't work so well with my blue-green eyes.

Sennyo is warm and reddish,with matching shimmer. A medium shade that works well with green eyes.

Nevermore is a dark purple, matter with the tiniest hint of blue shimmer. A really dramatic shade and looks like the truest purple of the lot.

Faerie Glamour
Faerie Glamour is from the Arcane Magic collection, meaning it's super shimmery. It a blueish purple and has purple microglitter. Like Cuddlefish, it's so blue that it rarely works with my eye colour and skin tone on it's own, but it has wonderful shimmer and can be layered with other purples.


  1. I LOVE that Nevermore <3___<3 oh my god, it looks so good I could eat it

    1. It's such a great colour, I'd say a true purple!

  2. Nevermore and Sennyo are going straight on my wishlist. So gorgeous!

  3. Some of these are simply gorgeous!
    I can't wait for the part 2 of the purples ♥

    1. Thank you! I have the rest of the purples on my desk reminding me to take pictures as soon as there's enough light and time :)

  4. Those are so perfect, I have no words. I ordered my first few eyeshadows from them, can't wait to receive them :D


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