Sunday, 17 March 2013

Violent Eyes Temporary Eye Appliqués Review

I tried my hand at Violent Eyes eye appliqués just for fun. They are like temporary tattoos, but for your eyes. I bought a set with purple glitter, called "Violet Glitterati Eyes". The package has two sheet with four pairs of appliqués on both. I bought mine from the company website (hey ship from the UK for European customers), and the price was 9,99 dollars for one pack with free worldwide shipping.

The package contains instructions and two sheets of appliqués.

 Applying was very alike to the tiny temporary tattoos you used to get with gum packs! Gently push the wanted liner type free from the backing, then see how it fits and cut some off if the liner looks too long. Then remove a protective film and gently press the appliqué on. Wet the backing paper with a q-tip until it slides off and smooth the appliqué with some water. I tried the second smallest one with upwards cat-eye flicks at the ends of the liner. Here's how it looks on my eyes. I think I might have cut the liner too short, it would have looked better if it was longer in the inside corners.

They look okay, but a bit obvious when I'm not wearing much make-up with them. My problem was that where my lid creases, the appliqué stuck together glueing the crease. They also looked a bit wrinkly, like you can see at the outer edge on the flick, but that might have been my application. If you stretch the skin on your lid, the appliqué will wrinkle. It was quite hard (at least on the first time) to get it on without stretching. I was positively surprised how fast and easy application was, if you don't mind the wrinkling. Removal was very easy with a makeup remover meant for waterproof eye and lip make-up. I will be trying these again, but I'm pretty sure the larger ones will feel uncomfortable if they get glued together at the folds like these small ones.

+ fast and easy way to get bright liner
+ doesn't smudge
+ colourful and bright, glitter shows well
+ ten dollars for eight appliqués seems decent
+ free shipping
+ easy to remove
+ latex free

- goes on wrinkly if you are not careful
- looks quite obvious if you don't have much make-up on, so does not necessarily cut down time needed to do whole face
- you can feel the appliqués when they are on


  1. It sounds like it would be good for someone like me without the coordination and skill to do good eyeliner, but I don't know if I would like the pulling feeling, and I might be more allergic to it than normal makeup.

    1. I think the appliques are still pretty decently priced, so you might want to give them a go. The feeling is such a personal thing, they didn't itch or hurt in any way, but just you could feel there's something on your lids.

  2. I like the color, but I think that this special stikker-like makeup can fit only rarely on eyes without wrinkles or a very high crease. It is a shame that most makeup artists or makeup products don't focus on low crease eyes, asian eyes as well. On my eyes they would have crusted and wrinkled after 5 minutes, because even makeup tends to wrinkle when it comes to my low crease.

    1. So true! Hooded and asian eyes just don't work well with this type of make-up. My eyes are hooded and I think almost anything looks good on eyes that have a lot of the moving lid showing, and I'm so jealous ;P Us hooded-eye people have a much harder time!

  3. I was wondering about these but I have deeply hooded lids so I don't think they would work. I also thought they would be really hard to get off but apparently not!


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