Thursday, 21 March 2013

Nails by Anniina

My friend Anniina made me gel nails once again, she's so lovely! I was planning a photoshoot to get some material for a CD cover art project. I needed something feminine for the picture, so she made me these nails!

They are stiletto nails done with clear UV gel and then painted with regular nail polish. Anniina did a gradient with white, lilac and two pinks and topped it all with a gradient of shimmer polish in three shades.

Unfortunately I had to re-do the varnish for the shoot because the white just didn't work against the background I had :( But they were pretty for the time I had them, and the base gel nails worked wonderfully with another nail polish.

Here's what the nails looked like in the photoshoot.

The white in the gradient was problematic because it made the snow look dirty or yellowish. The shade of white was not the same (and the snow was a bit dirty, it's just not supposed to look that way ;P). The dark purple is Opi Ink from Opi, and I painted the nails with this sort of French manicure style but with more edge to it with the intention of not having to worry about my cuticles. I think it worked great! Anniina made the nails so carefully that the cuticle ends are really nicely finished so I'm proud to show them off. But boy did my fingers freeze!


  1. It looks lovely! Im so curious to try gel nails since my own are so brittle right now.

    1. I really like gel nails, they are easy and fun :) My own nails are not in very good condition so it's always a disappointment to polish them prettily only to have the polish chip instantly because the nails are so soft. With gels it doesn't happen!

  2. oooh pretty! wish i could wear my nails like this but meh. job. maybe i will try to find someone that could do something like that for my holidays though :-D


    1. A good idea! When I made gel nails for Anniina the last time, they were for her holiday, since she can't have them at work either.


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