Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Sick of Being Sick!

No one ever wants to be sick, but this is such a bad time to go down with a flu! I had to cancel a lecture yesterday and my work deadlines are just around the corner. Well, it's never a good time to be sick, as I like to say, but totally unfair that I have to stay in bed when I'd have so much interesting stuff to do. Oh well!

The goth event last weekend as awesome, so I thought I'd share a few videos from there. I'm a lazy photographer at gigs, I like to just enjoy the atmosphere and not worry about documenting stuff. It was great that Oskar, who runs the This Is Gothic Rock Youtube channel was there and shot some video!

I really like Silent Scream's 80's style sound! They played a cover from Joy Division as the last song :) I bought their newest album, too, and really liked it.

Psyyke is and old Finnish band, but they have such amazing energy in their performances! The audience isn't that active, but I think everyone had fun. You can see me if you look closely! I've seen Psyyke three times and they've always been great :)

This is from the previous week in Helsinki. I was DJ'ing so I didn't have so much time to enjoy the bands, but Lepakkomies was a really nice venue with good acoustics and fancy lighting.


  1. Get well! It's funny to me that when I'm sick, I can come up with all sorts of things I should be doing. And when I'm just bored, I can't think of anything to do.

    1. Thanks for the well wishes! I have the same effect, suddenly I can come up with tons of interesting things to do when I'm sick ;P

  2. oooooh damn - hope you get well soon and beat this flu fast! <3


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