Saturday, 9 March 2013

Workshop Look

What s super busy week! Tons of stuff to do at work and then on Thursday and Friday I had workshops on character design and interactive storytelling. Very interesting stuff and I learned a lot, but now my poor brain is totally exhausted!

This evening there will be bands playing at Dog's Home. My other half's band was supposed to play, but he's been down with a flu the whole week, poor thing. But the other bands are good, if you are in Tampere come and listen! Here's a link to the Facebook event. Psyyke, Silent Scream and Wreckdance are playing and most likely there will be cds and other merchandise available.

Concrete Mineral Lolita on the whole lid and some Sugarpill Tako on the
brow bone and inner corner.

Lumene lipstain in Secret 11.

And the best face shot I could get with the lens ;P


  1. Voi pöh, tietysti tällainen tapahtuma on just silloin kun mulla on muuttopakkailut meneillään. :D Seuraavaan sitten.

    1. 6.4. olisi O'Hara'sissa Murnau's Playhouse ja And the Ocean, sinne sitten! Harassa on niin maukas olutvalikoima että mä olen aina innolla siellä ;P


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