Saturday, 7 December 2013

Clean Scene by Murad Gaga for Glow Facial Scrub Review

This fun looking little thing was given to me to try out. It's called Gaga for Glow, a facial scrub by Clean Scene.

Isn't it cute?

Murad brand of dermatologist developed products. They are usually aimed for adults, but this one is for teenagers (so it must make me look younger, right?), that explains the package. The package tells me that the product is for 12-17 year-olds and should be used three times a week.

The Packaging
Clean Scene is packed in a white flat tube which easily stands on its cap. There's 75 ml of product. The tube is soft so it's easy to squeeze and the cap seems sturdy. I'm guessing choosing Gaga to a part of the name is not a coincidence!

The Product
The actual product looks pretty weird on first try. It's a white, shimmery stuff with small colourful balls that look like round cake sprinkles and match the colours of the package. It looks like liquid soap with the shimmer! When you lather it on your skin it doesn't foam, but the little balls break down if you massage it in long enough. The package doesn't say if I should massage it in or just let it sit, but I've been letting it sit since I can't see any mechanically scrubbing particles in the scrub. There's also salicylic acid in the ingredients list, so I believe this is a peel rather than a scrub. The sprinkles would lead you to believe you have to scrub with the product, but they are way too big to do anything and break down into soft mush.

On my skin this product doesn't have much effect, but then again I'm at least ten years older than the people the product is meant for, so my skin may be different. I have grown fond of the unique look the product has and might buy this for someone of the target group just because of the pretty package.


+ The package is very pretty!
+ Won't damage skin
+ Fancy looking product

- Does really exfoliate (at least on my older skin)
- Looks like liquid soap
- Instructions for use are unclear


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