Thursday, 26 December 2013

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer Review

I came across the MUA Luxe line that has a new product, the Velvet Lip Lacquer matte long lasting lipstick. I'd never ordered from MUA before, but wanted to give it a try, since I'm growing really fond of matter lip products, and long lasting ones are perfect for me. That and the fact that the shade Kooky was a plum purple, which I haven't seen before in any long lasting lipstick!

Reckless on the left, Kooky on the right.

The packaging is very pretty. The product comes in a frosted plastic tube with a frosted black cap printed with gold text. The tube seems sturdy and it doesn't look likely that there would be much product glueing the cap shut, like with some similar looking packages.

Doe foot applicator
The applicator is a slanted doe foot one. It's not bendy and has short soft bristles. It's allows very precise application, which is a must with this product.

Skin swatches, Kooky on the top, Reckless on bottom.
Both shades apply well and are opaque with one coat. When applied, the product first feels sticky, but once it dries to a matte finish, it sets and does not have any stickiness. Drying takes about thirty seconds, so you don't have to wait forever with your mouth open ;P

Kooky is a plum purple, quite warm and reddish. Some purples don't suit me, they make my skin look yellow, but Kooky is one that works. It's a quite dramatic shade and might be too dark for daily use, but it'll look great with heavier eye make-up for parties!

Reckless is a blue based red. It's a bright, cool shade that works great with my pale complexion. It's a pretty loud colour, but works for a classic red lip.

Velvet Lip Lacquers are smudge and water proof, and can be removed with oil-based make-up remover (I use one with blue and clear liquid that's shaken before use, it's for water proof eye make-up. Mine is by Balea, but at least L'Oreal does one that's similar and easily available). The lip lacquers don't feather easily, but can if you eat something very greasy. They wear 5+ hours on my lips with drinking and eating, and even then they just need a little touch up in the middle of the lips.

The product feels a bit drying on the lips, but I'm not sure if it actually dries the lips out or just feels funny since normally your lips are not matte and dry on the surface. Cocoa butter based lip balm was a no-no on top, it took the lacquer right off. Stick to water based glosses if you want something on top!

+ Does what it promises, is long lasting and matte.
+ Smudge proof.
+ Water proof.
+ Cheap. One tube costs about 3,5 euros plus shipping.
+ Nice selection of shades, especially Kooky is very unique.
+ Easy to remove.
+ Does not stain.
+ Good, precise applicator.

+ Feels drying.
+ Cannot be worn with regular lip balm.

I like this product! It's easy to use, lasts on the lips well and is hassle-free to remove. Also matte shades are very easy to use when drawing over the natural lips a bit, since there's no shine to betray the natural lip lines.


  1. Miulla on kaikki viisi sävyä, en tosin ole ehtinyt testaamaan kuin Kookyn kädelle, mutta vaikuttaa lupaavalta. :)

    1. Nää tuntui kyllä tosi kivoilta käyttää! Mun täytyy ehkä tilata muutama lisää, kun mattapintaisia huulituotteita on niin kehnosti tarjolla :)

  2. Mä olen myöskin hamstrannut kaikki viisi sävyä, mutta toistaiseksi on jäänyt pelkkään testailuun juurikin tuon Kookyn osalta. Totesin huulien olevan tällä hetkellä niin kuivat, että käyttö ei juuri nyt onnistu.. Kooky myöskin lähti osuina palasina pois hieman hankaantuessaan.

    1. Lieneekö tää talvi joka huulia kuivattaa, vaikka onkin ollut aika kosteat ilmat? Toivottavasti myöhemmin toimivat paremmin, ehkä kuoriutuminenkin johtuu kuivasta pinnasta, jos vaikka huulipuna ei kiinnity kunnolla :)

  3. Replies
    1. Kiitos! Mä tykkään juurikin viileistä punaisista tosi paljon!

  4. both great shades, both look wonderful on you!

    1. Thank you! I'm very happy with the shades, there weren't many swatches on the net, but these both work really well with my colouring :)

  5. Wow, I prefer matte look lips and this product seems fantastic! It's the first time I heard of this brand so I'll have to look it up :), thanks.

    1. Thanks! These were my first order ever to MUA, but a lot of people have said that they have decent quality and the prices are very low, I hope you find something you like :)

  6. What a beautiful color!

    x Dawn

  7. Hello, can someone help me?
    I have two lip lacquer Reckless and Criminal and both do not last on the lips.
    Indeed, the problem has on the upper lip. The color unfortunately moved on the lower lip and form clots that then fall.
    By what method would be best to apply it to avoid this?
    I've already tried it with a lip pencil underneath. With lips very moisturized. But nothing :)
    And I'm so sorry because they are colors that I really like.

    1. Are you sure the lacquer is completely dry before you close your mouth? I find the colour can clump if I wait too little time and it's still a bit moist. You could also try applying it in a few thin layers and letting them dry thoroughly. Hope this helps!


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