Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Sugarpill Cold Chemistry Swatches + Asteria

I wrote a review of the palette earlier, but the light was too low to take decent swatch pictures. Here they are finally! As a special addition I also swatched Sugarpill Asteria, because I noticed I hadn't done that before. It's a lovely shade!

Soot & Starts
A sparkly black with silver glitter.

Diamond Eyes
Shimmer white. Can be applied on top of other shades for a shimmery washed out effect. Has no shift, just plain white with a sheen.

Elemental Chaos
The perfect medium purple! Velvety with a slight shimmer. More blue based than red, but definitely not blue, a true purple.

A dark mossy green with a gorgeous blue based sheen. Goes blue if Diamond Eyes is applied on top!

Asteria (not part of the Cold Chemistry palette)
Asteria is a limited edition eyeshadow by Sugarpill. Only 1000 pots of Asteria were made. I was very lucky when I got to split a pot with a lovely lady! Asteria is a peachy orange. It's warm, reddish and has lots of golden sparkle.


  1. wow, these are gorgeous!! You always have amazing swatches.

  2. I bought mine on Black Friday and i can't wait for it to arrive, so EXCITE! Amelia Arsenic is my inspiration for life and i loved the colors! Thanks for the swatches!

  3. Love your swatches ! Makes me want to get Asteria and that beautiful palette !


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