Friday, 21 March 2014

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Review

I got a sample sized Chubby Stick Intense lip pencil by Clinique from the latest LivBox. The shade is very pretty and works great for my skin tone, it's called 03 mightiest maraschino, a neutral or slightly cool red. The pen can be used on the whole lips and it's moisturizing.

Look how tiny! I always like small cute things ;P Also the pen is easy to carry with you because of the small size, it fits in any purse. I believe the full sizes are slightly longer.

The pen wears well on lips, I like how it's a bit transparent, making it less obvious when the colour wears off, but still opaque enough to make your lips pop. While the colour does wear off, it still lasts pretty well for a moisturizing "colour balm" as the text on the pen says. I've gotten around four hours of wear until I've felt the need to reapply. The colour does feather a little bit, but it's so little that it's almost unnoticeable. For the best result you should try a lip liner with this product, preferably an invisible liner that goes on the outside of your lips to keep the transparency of the pen.

To get more tip, you twist the pen at the end. I've used mine for about five times so the tip is worn. While the pen is soft, it's not too soft as to wear down immediately. I find the consistency just right, at least now in wintertime. In the summer heat it might be a bit on the soft side.

Here's a few pics of the chubby stick worn, I really like how vibrant the colour is!

+ small size of the package makes it easy to carry with you
+ bright colour
+ good wear for a moisturizing product
+ moisturizes well

- feathers a little bit


  1. Taisin saada saman sävyn LivBoxin mukana! Varmaan parhain tuote tuossa boksissa ja oli se boksi kokonaisuutenakin varsin kiva. :D Sävy sopii mainiosti mun iholle myös ja oon käyttänyt tuota nyt parin viikon ajan suunnilleen joka päivä. Sitten kun tuo kuluu loppuun aion todennäköisesti ostaa uuden. ^^

  2. Tämä on ihan järkyn ihana! Minä sain itkulootastani saman ja vaikka etukäteen olin toivonut sitä toista huulituotetta niin olen enemmän kuin tyytyväinen, että sainkin tuon kynän. Väri on ihanaakin ihanampi, olen siihen aivan rakastunut!

  3. This color looks really pretty! I think it indeed does wonders for your skintone. I like clinique, especially their foundation. But I only use that one for photoshoots, because it's so expensive! I usually always wear the foundation of catrice. But I might consider buying this lipstick! :3 It's so pretty!!

    x Dawn

  4. looks lovely! i really love soft products like this, even regular lipstics that tend to feel creamy, they are wonderful to weal!


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