Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Tallinn Trip

Last weekend I visited Tallinn. My brother graduated and to celebrate, our parents took the whole family to a trip. We went to see the Titanic exhibition in Lennusadam museum and dined at an Italian restaurant named Bocca.

Sleeting in Helsinki.

The weather was playing tricks! While it had long been warm, nice and dry, naturally on the morning of the trip it was sleeting. 

The sophisticated messy bun saves the day ;D

Which really pissed me off since I was wearing my glasses (I hate them! They always have fingerprints on them!) and couldn't see a thing with a coating of sleet on the lenses.

One thing sleet is good for: looking like little pearls in my hair.

I had booked an appoinment for my Mom and me to a beauty parlour. It was really luxurious to get a facial, I could have stayed there for ever getting my face massaged ;P Also got my brows and lashes dyed, it's so much faster to slap on some powder and head to work, instead of going through the routine with mascara. My lashes are VERY blonde, so tinting them really helps and has a big effect.

Sleeting in Tallinn.

A nice drink makes everything better!
I didn't do much shopping, partly because there wasn't time and partly because I'm trying to be on a no-buy. I insist things bought on ships don't count, since I got a jar of moisturizer, eyeshadow primer and a lash comb from the tax-free shop! But they were all tried and true, no impulse buys, kinda.

Despite the weather it was a very nice trip! I hope to go again in the summer, the old town was so pretty and there's lots of interesting museums still.


  1. Absolutely love your hair! Amazing! :) Nice pictures as well!

    x Dawn
    (We moved & changed host!)

  2. I love the pink and cream buildings! And the sleet does look nice in your hair! I like that you found the bright side of it!

    1. Thanks! The old town in Tallinn is very pretty, I want to see it in the summer :) I try to make the best of what I've got! So when life gives you lemons, make lemonade ;D

  3. Nyt on pakko kommentoida; vähänkö lasit sopii sulle hyvin!! (en oo aikaisemmin nähnyt niitä kuvissa sulla)

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