Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Light in the House

Finally the sun has come out! It feels like spring when it still should be the coldest time of the year, but I'm not complaining. The streets are dry and the gravel has been swiped away, so I can take my spring shoes from the closet. In celebration I took a few pics of our apartment when the sun was up, it seemed like such a precious moment.

Mörkö taking a nap.

I got this plant from Ikea's discount department, I have soft spot for sorry looking plants.
Back when I got it it had three leaves in total.

My other half wanted to get a bed, so we found second hand one. I've had a mattress on the floor for years, but actually having a bed is quite nice, you can hide stuff under it! And cats too, they can hide themselves under it.

My orchid grew some more flowers and buds. The fuggler was my other half's gift
to me, and the vintage postcard of a Messerschmitt plane was my Valentine's gift for him :)

And a kitty picture! Our newest addition to the family still has no name, but he's now comfortable eating with humans or other cats present. He still doesn't like to be touched, but it'll come with time. He is such a handsome cat, I love the spots! So far he's broken two cups and shredded a magazine, stolen beef from my plate and gnawed at things (not the chewy things I got him, but on other things, naturally). I had forgotten how mischievous kittens are...


  1. Voi apua miten ihana kissi! Tosi nätti tuo väritys kyllä. :)

    1. Kiitos! Se on kyllä upea, tosi selkeät täplät kyljissä, vaikeinta on kun sitä tekisi mieli vaan rapsuttaa ja hellitellä sylissä mutta se ei herralle vielä sovi.

  2. Ah, I always forget how amazing your house looks! I love your colour schemes, all my favourite colours! I wish I was this good at decorating!

  3. Onpa kaunis kissa <3 Mahtava kuviointi :)

  4. Oi, miten upea tiikeri tuo uusin tulokas!

  5. Lovely photos!!
    The first photo reminds me a lot of you, you wear the colours in that photo very often. the curtain is your hair and the sofa with the cusion is your makeup :).

  6. Nice pictures! It's looking really good. I have a couch as my bed, but I had a matrass for years as well. Having a bed is much better, in my opinion.

    x Dawn


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