Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Halloween Dress Up!

You might easily guess that I'm a fan of Halloween! I like dressing up, I love masquerades and theme parties, anything that gets my creative juices going. This year I didn't have much energy to prepare, so I opted to re-use an old costume. When I have a blood-drenched wedding gown in my closet, I very much intend to wear it as often as possible!

As usual, I was organizing the Club Underworld and Bella Morte Samhain party. This might be the last time with this team, but maybe then there's something completely new next year! This was the sixth party, so our team has done more than our share making sure that goths can enjoy Samhain in a beautifully decorated place with good music and company :)

A huge thanks to everyone who attended! The costumes were fabulous, as usual, and the burlesque performances by the gorgeous Bella von Wolfkill seemed like the perfect addition to the evening.

But yes, my dress! In 2013 I found a very nice old wedding dress at a charity shop. It had HUGE puffed sleeves, a mermaid silhouette and tons of beading, sequins and lace. So the perfect base for some fake blood! Here you can find pictures of the original dress.

So I spattered tons of fake blood on it (and our bathroom) and the dead bride was born. The dress came with a medium veil, which also got a spattering of blood. The first time I wore the dress, I accidentally glued it to my skin with the fake blood and had hell of a time trying to get out of it when I got home in the early morning hours ;D After that it's been easier, as I have not added any more blood but just let the old fake blood dry and kept it as it is. I also learned that I really, really want to buy the non-sticky fake blood in the future!

This Samhain was the third time I took the dress for a spin, and it worked perfectly. It's just the right length on me with my favourite heels, not too hot to wear, and even though it's a tiny bit snug on my bottom, the top fits very well (I actually took it a bit in when I first got the dress, I don't know how the original owner has been able to move without toppling with that kind of boobage ;D). I came up with Satan's Bride in 2014 and went with that again. Horns + upside down crosses + dark makeup = awesome!

Photo by Ari Rantanen
I don't yet have the photo booth pictures, but these give a good general idea of the costume. Samhain/Halloween is a tricky time to get decent pictures of outfits, but that is why we arranged for a photo booth for guests, so they can document their awesome creations!

If you want to see more pictures of the evening and the guests, here's a link to the event's Facebook album.


  1. Tosi hieno! Mä oon aina vierastanut valkoista, mutta muakin on välillä kutkutellut nämä saatananmorsio-hommat. :D

    1. Kiitos! Tähän valkoinen sopii, ja luulen että mekko on oikeastaan aika luonnonvalkoinen, tai sitten paljetit ovat kellastuneet, koska ne taittavat selvästi kultaan. Lisäplussana valkoisiin pukeutunut on aika paljon helpompi löytää goottiklubilta kuin mustiinpukeutunut ;D

  2. I adore the dress, and the horns make the whole outfit extra special.

    1. Thank you! I try to use my horns as often as I can, because they are so pretty ;P


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