Sunday, 13 November 2016

Steampunk in the Steam Engine Museum, part 1

I've had a great photoshoot weekend! First we had a little workshop type of event on Saturday at a local steam engine museum with three models and three photographers. Then on Sunday I went to shoot with TiinaMoi in a park.

The first pictures from the first shoot already arrived and I'm blown away, they are simply great!

Photographer: Lauri Majamaa (Studio Majamaa)
Outfit, make-up, model: Me
Hair: Anniina Eskelinen (Anniina_e)

Photographer: Mika Suvanto (MS Photo Art)
Outfit, make-up, model: Me
Hair: Anniina Eskelinen (Anniina_e)

I had two outfits, as you can see. The first one was my copper orange Victorian dress with a little hat, long gloves and lots of pearls, and the second one is supposed to be what a steampunk mechanic might look like (I like Kaylee in Firefly, so that's what I was going for). The museum even had wrenches available for anyone who wanted to take a photo with some as props ;D I love how different the outfits are and also how different the pictures taken by different photographers can be. I really love workshops, you get so much done in a short time! It was wonderful to have Anniina to assist me with dressing and she did my hair perfectly. A half-up do for the Victorian outfit and a messy curly up do for the mechanic.

If you are ever in Tampere and are interested in steam machines, stop by Werstas museum! They have Finland's largest steam engine in its original location and the whole museum is free of charge.

Thanks to everyone involved, I had lots of fun and the pictures are great! I'll post more when the rest are done!


  1. Niin upeita kuvia taas, ja nyt tekee mieli katsoa Firefly uudelleen! :D

    1. Kiitos paljon! Se on kyllä loistava sarja!


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