Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Revenge of the Snow Queen

I had almost forgotten there were a couple more pictures of my Snow Queen outfit taken with Eliza Rask. I still remember how cold it was to shoot outside, but that's maybe because it's right now colder in Finland than it's been this time of year in over 70 years. Brrrr!

Photographer: Eliza Rask
Model, styling, make-up: Me

With these pictures I also want to celebrate that I was accepted in The Alternative Model Directory! It's an international community for alternative models. I'm most excited about workshops and collaborations they organize, so I'm very happy to have been accepted and look forward to many wonderful projects!


  1. Ihana värimaailma noissa kuvissa, tykkään varsinkin ensimmäisestä! Varmasti kyllä tullut tuossa kylmä! Itsestä kun tuntuu nyt siltä etteivät villakangastakit, pipot sun muutkaan meinaa riittää kun tuli tuo talvi niin yllättäen! :D

  2. Wow their beautiful photos I love the contrast of your hair and the white of the snow.


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