Friday, 11 November 2016

Metallic Olive Nails with Stamps

I have been trying to grow off the rough surface left by acrylic nails and now my own nails are finally in a shape I like. I'm a fan of long nails, but way too lazy to get acrylics touched up often enough. My own nails grow brittle, but using nail oil often seems to do the trick and moisturizes enough so the nails can grow. I have and expensive Essie nail oil, but my favourite is a super cheap essence oil that comes with a little doe foot applicator. It's called Caring Nail Oil and I've gone through about four bottles in a couple of years. I used to think I needed strengthening nail products to make my nails harder, but it turned out they were actually just very dry and broke off easily. Using oil makes my nails more elastic, so instead of breaking, they bend.

The polish on the nails is Gone Glamping by China Glaze. It's an interesting shade which I would call metallic olive. It shifts between olive, green and a light copper, but mostly looks olive-ish. The shade is cool and the shimmer is silvery rather than gold. I wore the plain polish for one day, but it's so light that I felt it needed some spicing up. I happened to have a MoYou London stamping plate called Gothic 3 that I had not had the time to try, so I pulled it out and basically wanted to try all of the patterns! So I did a collection of different stamps just to see which I liked best. In the end the arabesque and a lacy skull pattern were my faves, but all of the stamps were quite nice. The stamping was done with Konad stamping polish and a clear jelly stamper.

Roses with fishnet and a lace skull, perfect stamps for me!

The lovely arabesque stamp. In this one you can also make out the resin
cat skull I'm holding!


  1. Beautiful! I have a bunch of MoYou plates and they are awesome.

    1. Thanks! MoYou really knows what kind of patterns work! The big plate I have seems a million times more useful than any other plates I have.

  2. Your nails look amazing! Mine are so brittle that I gave up on them and just use stick-on false ones. Always wanted to try stamps, are they easy to use?

    1. Thank you! My nails grow brittle if I forget to use nail oil, I think it's down to them being too dry, maybe that could be the case with your nails too?

      Stamps can be a bit tricky at first, but once you find the right tools that fit you, they are fast and easy. I use a clear jelly stamper, as I like seeing where I'm placing the stamp, and a metal scraper. To me the hardest part was to understand that I need to scrape the polish off the plate with a quick move, and to pick up the stamp a gentle roll of the stamper is enough. I hope this helps!


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