Thursday, 24 January 2013

Fyrinnae Browns & Taupes Part II

Here's some more Fyrinnae swatches!

Polar Bear
I was initially a bit surprised by this colour, because I thought it would be lighter and, well, less golden. Now I've learned how to use it, and it's a great pair with plummy purples! Polar Bear is a light golden shade.

Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard has a satin finish, and it's a warm medium brown with some cool golden shimmer.

Damn Paladins
A super pretty light taupe! Damn Paladins has a brown-grey base with a blue shift that isn't too bold. Works well for everyday looks.

Another medium taupe, the Beholder has more sparkle than Snow Leopard and is cooler.

Koala is also of medium lightness, but has a very nice satin finish with a dusty pink shift. This one works great on my pale skin!


  1. I love glittery gold makeup and nailpolish! I will have to try brown/ taupe eyeshadow sometime, apparently it's easier for beginners to get a good graded shading with than black.

    1. Thank you! Taupes are great, much easier to blend than black and even if you can't make it look perfect, it's not as harsh as badly blended black. My tip would be to get a shadow that's close to your skin colour and put that on first, then put the darker shadow on. It's much easier to blend the edges when there's nude shadow beneath than on top of skin or primer where the shadow sticks instantly.


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