Sunday, 27 January 2013

Fyrinnae Browns & Taupes Part III

The last part of the Browns & Taupes posts :) I still have lots of other Fyrinnae shadows I could swatch later on.

Sacred, Platinumand Druid Werewolf

Gilded Wings
I'm not too fond of golden shades and I don't think I've ever used this one. It's called Gilded Wings and came as a free sample with one order. It's a deep, dark golden shade, leaning towards bronze.

Platinum is a metallic, very shiny shadow with golden and silver hues. Not much glitter here, but an awesome metallic sheen.

Sacred looks much like Platinum, but is more sheer and has more glitter. A cool metallic shade.

Druid Werewolf
Druid Werewolf is a warm dark brown with multicoloured glitter (mostly red and gold). Compliments green eyes beautifully!


  1. Sacred makes me think about the film Legend, I don't know why. It might be the protagonist's golden attire, or maybe unicorns and faeries. I would totally go for that shade in a fantasy event. It is lovely.

  2. I have Sacred and Platinum and I love them both to death.

  3. I <3 Platinum& Sacred as well. I was not into taupes at all, but thanks to Fyrinnae and Darling Girl, I've become a fan. :)

    Glamour Doll Eyes has a collection right now called Pick Your Poison that consists of taupe-based duochromes. So pretty...


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