Sunday, 6 January 2013

Moi Cosmetics Swatches

I wanted to try a new swatching style with eyeshadows, and these shadows from Moi Cosmetics have been sitting in my "to write about" box for months. So, here you go, colours from Moi Cosmetics!

From left to right: Diego, FarAway, GoldMine and Babylon

Same as above. Diego, FarAway, GoldMine and Babylon.
Diego - a medium taupe with a strong blue shift.
FarAway - Dark grey base with multicoloured glitter, like a little lighter version of Sugarpill Stella.
GoldMine - An army green base with gold and orange glitter.
Babylon - A deep dark blue with pink glitter.

Night Shift, Shiner, Eggplant and Tattle

Same as above, Night Shift, Shiner, Eggplant and Tattle
Night Shift - A black base with pink glitter.
Shiner - burgundy base with silver glitter.
Eggplant - A high beam shadow, as it's called on the site, has a flakey consistency in the jar but goes on smooth. A blackened purple with lots of shimmer.
Tattle - A medium taupe base with pink glitter.

O'baby, Venus (discontinued) and Pluto

Same as above: O'baby, Venus and Pluto

O'baby - A light baby blue, shimmery
Venus - Shimmering medium pink
Pluto - Blackened purple with shimmer, very close to Eggplant but more matte.


  1. These shades are amazing! Where do you buy MOI Cosmetics?

    1. Oh, I'm so sorry, I forgot to add a link! I'll add it in a snap :)

  2. Wow these look super pigmented :O

    1. They are very nice quality! I've swatched them over Urban Decay Primer Potion, so they would be even more vibrant over a glitter glue, but work very well this way too :)

  3. Oh they look lovely and with lots of pigments!


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