Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Adoration and Resistance Look (and Natural Brows)

I've been experimenting with natural brows and let them grow back, which also means I've had less time in the morning to do my eyeshadow since I have to get the unruly brows in to order. I still hate them, but I'll try to let them grow just a little bit longer to see if they would magically transform into something I like.

For today's' fast eye look I used Adoration by Darling Girl Cosmetics and Resistance by Detrivore Cosmetics. The shadow on my brows is from a very old L'Oreal palette.

My considerate camera decided the funny little hairs at the end of the brow need to be the focal point of the picture.

Just look at those wonky little bastard brows growing all over the place ;D

I look so pale, even though I have blush on. And my forehead is enormous now
that I can't draw brows higher.


  1. Is it weird to be excited as to how natural brows will change your look?
    I suspect it'll be good, since you have a very shapely brow area/bone/what-have-you. It's usually a good indicator of a nice beautiful brow.

    I myself have never shaved my brows off, because I'm not sure I could pull of brows any thinner than current! Plus, I don't think I'll ever get tired of the classic 60's stylized brow, such as Twiggy's.

  2. onnea ja kärsivällisyyttä kasvatusprojektiin! oon nyt ainakin kolme vuotta pitänyt pääosin omia, ja ei VIELÄKÄÄN kasva joihinkin kohtiin, raah!


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