Sunday, 22 September 2013

W7 Purple Paradise Nail Polish

This is one of the polishes I bought from the flea market. It's by W7 and called Purple Paradise. The shade is a blueish purple, but has a strong red & coppery shift making the purple look a lot more plum based and warm. The shimmer also gives it a nice depth and makes the colour complex, and to me, intriguing.

It also doesn't chip fast, which is great! In these pictures I'm wearing three layers of the polish and Seche Vite top coat. The manicure is five days old and is only slightly worn at the tips. I did have to fix one nail from my dominant hand because I almost sliced off a piece of the nail while cutting onions, but other than that, it has lasted perfectly. It's a great colour for the autumn, and probably one of my favourite purples of all the polishes I have.


  1. I have never hear about this brand before, but this colour is sooo pretty! *.*

  2. Hey , that colour is beautiful!I have noticed your nails are naturally long and they look healthy.How do you take care of them?(Prevent breaking etc.)

    1. Thanks! The trick for me has been using nail oil. I used to try lots of hardening products, because my nails broke easily, but the problem really seemed to be that they were brittle. The oil makes my nails more elastic, and combined with the Seche Vite top coat that makes the polish slightly rubbery, it helps the polish last and my nails to keep from breaking. I've so far only used Caring nail oil by Essence, it doesn't say what oil it actually is, but I'd guess it's some sort of natural oil.

    2. Thanks <3 I'll try something similar out!


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