Sunday, 1 September 2013

It's a Nice Day for a Goth Wedding

Here's a few pics from yesterday's wedding. There was so much to do that I didn't take that many pictures, but I'm glad I did take the camera with me, a few were really nice! The party was awesome, the place was great and who could say no to a hot sauna and a swimming pool? And the food was delicious, I always gorge on salmon whenever I can get it, since my other half doesn't like salmon so we never have it at home.

The artist himself preparing. The mirrors looked so interesting I had to snap a shot!

Hat - by me
Bolero - Artifice Clothing
Dress - Lip Service
Boots - Pennangalan

A few better snaps.

The artist posing for the cameras! I asked him to pose for a while and instantly
at least ten people were snapping photos ;D But why not, he looks so smart
with the Lip Service jacket and the pocket watch I gave him this week :)

Murnau's Playhouse performing.
And as a special bonus, 2/5 of the band performing Love Me To Death by The Mission UK! It was a request by the happy couple, and also happens to be one of my favourites. It's super cheesy, but wonderful! I was suddenly put in charge of mixing for the band since the person suppose to do it was missing at the moment (not to worry, he was found later and brought me nail polish so we are even ;D), so the video is recorded by Grendel, thanks for the help!


  1. I like the Lip Service dress and that's a great shot of your other half. :)

    1. Thank you so much! The dress is one of my favourites!

  2. You look absolutely perfect! Your other half looks amazing too! I am kind of jealous, and it is so awesome he is in a band!

    1. Thanks, what a lovely thing to say. He sure is a keeper, awesome voice, awesome looks and awesome brain! (Unless he's hungry and tired, but that's acceptable ;P)

  3. Hello Karoliina!
    Would you mind helping me out? I found the dress you're wearing from lip service (not the one you're wearing obviously eheh but quite similar) on a portuguese kind-of-ebay, really, quite cheap and i've always loved this dress but the size is actually smaller than what I usually wear. I've been following your blog for quite some time now (because it's super pretty!! ans so are you if i may say) and i remembered you having this dress and I thought about asking you if you think i can get away with it being a bit smaller and how does it feel in the body?
    Sorry to bother and thanks in advance! :3

    1. Sure I can help! Thanks for the nice compliment :) The dress is made of stretchy fabric, but I do feel it's true to size. Mine is the size I usually wear and the tightest spot is where the metal locks are. I'd say boobs aren't a problem, but you need to be quite lean just below the boobage. It probably wouldn't be too hard to add little strips of fabric in the side seams if the dress is just a little bit too tight. Mine had awkward straps, I had to shorten them a bit, and the hem is still a bit too tight so you can't walk fast in it.

      I've seen these dresses often on eBay, so it seems they aren't too hard to get a hold of even though the style is pretty old.

      Sorry about the rambling, I hope this helps you! :)

    2. I only notice you're reply now but thank you sooo much for being so quick getting back to me and for being highly helpful! I've now seen a bunch on ebay but they can get really expensive on shipping. I think I'm gonna go for it because of the price and also the owner was kind enough to freely send me her measures and our hips (which was the part i was most worried about) are the same.
      Even though your reply made me a bit more aware and concerned about the waist, if it's too tight I'll try and add fabric as you said :)
      The dress is in the purple version by the way.
      Thank you again for your help and kindness ^_^


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