Saturday, 21 September 2013

Sephora Cream Lip Stain Review

On my trip to Stockholm I got this lip stain. It's the colour 07 Dark Berry from Sephora's own cosmetics line. I like lip stains, but none of the ones the Sephora had looked like interesting shades, but I'm happy that in the end I picked this one up.

It's a Cream Lip Stain, which describes the consistency very well. The package is sleek and modern, very simple. The product has a slanted doe-foot applicator that I found really nice an precise. The actual lip stain is not runny, but has a creamy consistency that's easy to apply. It has a strong vanilla scent. While the stain applies mildly shiny, it dries to a satin finish. You should keep your mouth open when it dries to make the effect faster and keep the stain applied evenly. When dry, the stain is smudge proof.

I found the stain alone to feel a bit too dry on my lips, so I put regular lip balm on top. This made it a bit more prone to smudging, but still nothing like standard lip stick. During the day (8+ hours) the stain feathered slightly at the corners of my mouth, so using a lip liner (one of the invisible types would be best) might be wise. To remove the stain, you need an oil based make-up remover. Unlike the name states, this product doesn't actually leave a stain on your lips.

+ Easy-to-use colour, suits many skin tones
+ Excellent staying power
+ Can be worn with lip balm on top
+ Stylish package
+ Easy to remove

- Availability, only available at Sephora
- Vanilla scent can be overpowering and lasts quite long


  1. Kaunis sävy! Pitääpä jostain Sephorasta tarkistaa heidän omien meikkiensä kokoelma, Roomassa vähän sivuutin sen kun oli kiire.

  2. Onpas ihana sävy! Pitää yrittää itsekin metsästää moinen jostakin :)

  3. this is a gorgeous shade on you!

  4. Ihana, upean syksyinen sävy! :)

  5. wow the color is amazing!! good to hear it lasts long and the silky shine is perfect! looks very good on you! :)

  6. The colour is definitely amazing and it looks wonderful on you :)

  7. I love it! Unfortunately it is so hard to get here, I found one but the postage and product together was $30!


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