Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Make-Up Store Look

It's been quite stressful at work lately, so today when things looked like they are proceeding smoothly, I took an extra long lunch break and (in addition to raiding the sushi buffet with a friend) stopped by the Kicks shop at Koskikeskus. Today they had a make-up artist promoting Make-Up Store products and doing quick looks, so I asked her to do my eyes. I told her that I love turquoise and anything using green or blue would be good, since I don't really know how to wear those colours myself. Here's the result!

I love the shades she chose, and even if I was a bit hesitant of the lip colour, it really does work with my colouring and the eyes. The artist used a marble eyeshadow called Giallo Damasco (which I for the life of me cannot locate on their site, sorry!). It was a pressed shadow with shades of green and turquoise. Everything except the liner on my lower lashline and the colour wash on top of the lid going all the way to my brows is from that one pressed shadow! I think she did a perfect job with the flicks on the outer edges of my eyes, I always paint them too low myself and end up looking tired. She also showed me a few nifty tricks on how to reproduce the effect by using a pencil as a guide or a piece of paper.

Uh oh, my brows look super worn here! I took the pictures after I got home, that's why the shadow has creased and the brows are so faded. My lids are very oily, and the Make-up Store primer clearly did not work on me, but that's okay, very few do and now I know this is not one of the ones I should go for.

The gradient effect on the lower lid looks so cool! The blue based turquoise is a soft liner pencil, it's sealed with eyeshadow that then blended a bit lower than the pencil.

Lips. They are done with just a lip liner called Sweet Pumpkin and a lipstick sealer on top. I asked the artist if they had lip stains or anything similar, and she showed me the sealer which makes lipstick last longer. I ended up buying the sealer, since I have lots of lipsticks I'd like to use, but I hate how often you have to reapply them. I hope it works well, at least looks like it kept the lip liner on for more than four hours!
 You can find the schedules of when make-up artists visit stores here, go and have a look done, it sure was worth it!


  1. Love it! These colours are great! (I also draw my eye flicks too low - I am going to use a guide!)


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