Thursday, 26 September 2013

IsaDora Color Chock Glossy Lip Stain in Vintage Wine Review

Yesterday I finally went ahead and got two of the gorgeous Color Chock lip stains from IsaDora's autumn collection. The product name states that they are glossy stains, which sounded very interesting. The consistency of the product is quite surprising, it's a sticky, gooey stuff and the doe-foot applicator does not glide on lips. Application is still fairly easy, since the applicator is precise. The one I'm wearing in the pics (and right now) is called Vintage Wine.

Picture from IsaDora's site.
The container would make you think the product is an opaque wine shade, but actually it is semi-transparent and has tiny blue glitter particles (which are super hard to capture on the camera!). The glitter comes out a bit more when the stain wears. My biggest problem with the product was that it leaves marks on glasses and isn't smudge proof. The shade is gorgeous and it lasts long, but on my lips the product does feather a bit. It also stuck to any dry parts on the lips, so you should exfoliate first for the best result. Unlike the name, the product does not actually stain lips. It can be removed with soap and water, but it's easiest to take off with an oily make-up remover.

+ Gorgeous shade!
+ Lasts long (8+ hours with some wear)
+ Precise applicator
+ Easy to remove
+ Unique product (at least by my standards)

- Sticky, feels a bit heavy on the lips at first
- Feathers over time (needs lip liner)
- Not smudge proof

You can just about see the blue glitter if you look very hard!
Even with it's negatives, I really do like the product. It's vibrant and the colour is very deep, and the slight shimmer adds depth that can't be achieved with regular lip stains. I might even go and buy another shade or two of this product since it's so unique!


  1. Kaunis sävy! Haluaisin jotain uutta punaa, ja tätä voisin harkita :)

  2. That shade is so gorgeous! I tried it on a lot of times at work but it bleeds so awfully much on me so I haven't decided if I should buy it or not yet.

  3. Tämä on niiiiin ihana! Ja se sininen glitteri on ihana pieni yllätys,oon ollut siitä aivan onnessani!:D


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