Saturday, 3 May 2014

How to Take Good Outfit Shots

I was trying out my new camera with my other half as the photographer. We took a few pictures to show what lenses you should use and how when taking outfit pictures.

General tips for posing
  • Stand up tall
  • Turn your face towards the light source if you can see one
  • Keep your chin up!
  • Crossing your legs makes your silhouette slim
  • Hand on your waist accentuates the waistline nicely (work especially well with heavy coats like the one I'm wearing in the pictures below)
And for taking photos
  • Find a background that's not too busy, repeating patterns like wallpaper are good and plain walls the best
  • Hold the camera below eye-level, but waist-level at the lowest
  • If your camera has a zoom function, zoom out as far as you can to avoid distortion
  • If natural light is an option, go for it!

Picture number one: Taken with the camera lower than eye-level with the basic 14-42 mm kit lens of an Olympus Pen zoomed out as far as it goes.

Results: Not much distortion thanks to the lens. Holding the camera lower than eye-level helps reducing the "bobble head" look, most noticeably making legs look longer.

Picture number two: Olympus Pen with a 19 mm Sigma lens, held a little lower than eye level.

Results: Much like above with the 14-42 mm lens zoomed out. No distortion and nice proportions.

Picture number three: Olympus Pen 14-42 mm lens zoomed in, camera held at waist level.

Results: Visible distortion, legs look short and the waist area is thicker. If the camera would be at eye-level, it would result in a bobble head look with a huge head and tiny feet.


  1. wow, very useful advice, thank you! (y)

  2. Very nice tips and tricks! Thank you!

    x Dawn

  3. super, what an informative post! outfit pics tend to get complicated when not owning a proper lighted place at home, which makes me too lazy taking them on the street (and awkward too). Got to figure out something with the lighting in my house, the only normal place is as always the bath but the background is horrific....

    1. For winter when there's just no light, I have two very powerful halogen lamps meant to be used as the only lighting when renovating. They are usually quite cheap and give out plenty of light, you just can't control where the light goes. So no spotlights but good, general lighting. Maybe you could look into similar ones?

  4. Thank you for this post! My blog has a serious lack of outfit pics because they turn out looking like crap all the time!

    1. You are very welcome! I've tried and failed until I found a good technique ;D

  5. Kiitos hyvistä vinkeistä! Täytyy muistaa hyödyntää näitä seuraavan kerran, kun kuvailee :)

  6. Your hair looks gorgeous!


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