Monday, 19 May 2014

Outfit of the Day

I wore this to just pop out to check what H&M had on sale. I was lucky and they had plenty of flower hair clips on discount, I always buy a pile of them when they are cheap so I can use them for hats! This time they even had very nice colours, purple and black. Other than that I just got some very basic clothing items, black t-shirts and plain black dresses to wear at the office.

Dress - Zombie Hands by Darkside (second hand)
Jacket - Guess Jeans (second hand)
Boots - Big Lita by Jeffrey Campbell (second hand)

Everything but the pantyhose is second hand ;D The jacket is my sister's old one, the dress and the shoes from a Facebook flea market. I noticed the blue shade of the jacket was very close to the blue on the printed dress, so I think they worked well together. It's quite hot today, so a short sleeved jacket was enough.


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