Saturday, 24 May 2014

Outfit of the Day

Yesterday I wore a simple black dress. I was supposed to get my eyes lasered to get rid of my glasses, but turns out the only eyedrops that suit me are currently out of stock in the whole country and no one knows when more will arrive. I'm disappointed, but I just have to wait some more. I became allergic to contact lens solution and I just hate glasses and feel like wearing bright eyeshadow with glasses doesn't suit my face. I had dreamed of a summer with decent sunglasses and going to WGT without having to pack the only daily lenses that suit my eyes. Poop. And the fact that they only let me know when I was already at the clinic and they had done all the examinations, I'd just have gone to work normally if I'd known!

Dress - H&M
Boots - Unif High Trench

I'm really bad at waiting, but I hope the eye drops become available fast so I can finally be rid of the glasses!


  1. that's terrible that you found out about the solution at the clinic :( Hope it's available again quickly!

  2. out of stock in the whole country?? that´s shitty, sometimes you wonder how the world exists with absurd stuff like this. I really hope you´ll get you eyes done, from friends I know that getting rid of glasses forever is a huge step!
    That H&M dress looks so much better than in the store! i shall check it out...

    1. Yep, apparently the factory making the drops is catching up and all the larger countries get their eye drops first and only then tiny Finland will receive some. I hope it happens soon!

  3. Keep your chin up and hopefully soon, NO GLASSES lucky you...your sunnies still look cool on you...but then, so does everything else you wear!



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