Saturday, 24 May 2014

Outfit of the Day

Finland is hit by a heat wave! It's so hot I almost would like to go to work just to experience the air conditioning at the office ;D Instead my other half and I walked to the Nepalese restaurant to pick up some delicious food (fish with a butter and cream sauce is my absolute favourite! and ate ice lollies at home. We would have visited the beer festival, but they had a queue outside in the scorching sun.

Dress - Black Milk Burned Velvet Evil Cheerleader Dress 2.0
Shrug - GinaTricot
Boots - Unif High Trench

I couldn't find my sandals anywhere! They must be in the attic buried somewhere. The shrug was meant to offer at least a little bit of protection from the sun, but I wore sunscreen also. I put my hair in pigtails because it seemed to be the best way to get the mass of hair as far from my scalp as possible ;D


  1. Your hair was so green! How did you get the turquoise out to dye your hair magenta? My hair's been green since Easter and I'm reluctant to try a new colour because I even when I bleach the roots, etc. when I'm sorting out the regrowth and I get bleach on bits that are supposed to stay green, the green doesn't fade much, so I'm worried I won't be able to get it un-greened.


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