Friday, 16 May 2014

Inglot Gel Liners Swatches

On my mini trip to Helsinki I visited an Inglot store and bought three gel eyeliners. The shades are 74, a plum purple, 87, turquoise, and 72, pink.

My main reason for getting these babies was to do colourful brows. I've done my brows with just black for years, and it gets boring. Mixing eyeshadow with mixing medium to make it a liner each morning would be too cumbersome, and pencil eyeliners don't stay put on my brow area.

Sadly one of the liner pots was missing the seal and had dried. I naturally only noticed it when home, over 200 kilometres from the Inglot store. It's the pink one, you can see how much less product it seems to hold, and it had separated a bit, thus there's grains on the surface. I emailed them and they sent me a new one very fast, so I'd say the customer service was excellent.

The pictures above were taken in artificial light and they look too warm on my screen.

The purple, 74, is a red based plum purple. It's the thinnest in consistency, I needed two coats to make it opaque. If you apply another coat while the previous is still moist, the brush will take the lower layer with it. If you let the liner dry thoroughly, the next coat applies easily.

72, pink, is quite warm and not as bright as in my pictures. I was planning to try how it works as a lipstick, since the shade might not work with my skintone as a liner.

87, the turquoise, is my favourite of the bunch. It's opaque with one coat and matches my hair perfectly! In my pictures its more blue than in real life. The consistency is perfect, I can draw my brows with a few strokes.

The liners last very well on skin. They don't smudge or crumble, and washing with soap doesn't take them off, you need an oil-based make-up remover. I'm not sure how tightly the pots close, so drying might be an issue, but I can't say yet. There's a generous amount of product in each pot and I heard that if they do dry, you can use Inglot's Duraline mixing medium to give them more moisture.


  1. Hi ^^
    I promised to draw you a little while ago. Here it is and I hope you like it:
    Much love,

    1. Thank you, what a lovely drawing! I hope it's okay if I share it, linking back to you and mentioning you as the artist, of course? :)

  2. Gel liners are so cool, and that teal one looks amazing!! I have a purple sparkly gel liner at home, it looks lovely. however, I must admit that I have a very bad experience with gel liners, they dry and it´s so annoying :( also having to use an applicator is quite the downside for me, despite gel liners being almost the only product that lasts on my eyelid without smudging.

    1. Thanks! I haven't yet had any drying problems, but these might be prone to that. I like being able to choose the applicator, but then again I have a huge selection of brushes ;D

  3. turquoise looks perfect, purple looks more like burgundy and too "regular" although it looks very nice in jar. So nice of them that they take such a good care of their customers.

    1. Thank you! I was very impressed with the customer service :)


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