Wednesday, 17 May 2017

ArtboxWolf Hand Painted Clothing

Vaiva from ArtboxWolf contacted me to ask for a collaboration. As soon as I saw her beautiful designs, I knew this was something I really wanted to do. I was traveling at the time, but when I got home, a wonderfully packed gift from ArtboxWolf was waiting for me.

What's inside, you ask? I brand new black harnessed top with Mystic Master design! What Vaiva does is that she uses the same sketch, but paints each picture by hand, so no two are similar. I'm really a big fan of painting by hand, I went to art school and have a soft spot for the extra work that goes into painting. Unique pieces with personal touches by the artist are wonderful! The themes of the designs are occult and nature related, and have Vaiva's touch on them, creating a lovely mystical atmosphere. I love forests and am interested in old pagan traditions of nature worship, so I feel like there designs speak to me. There is something very Nordic in them.

I paired the top with a long flowing skirt, a faux leather jacket and a faux leather harness. It is very comfortable to wear, nice soft fabric, and the painting feels like it will last for a long time. The black and white design is easy to pair with almost anything, but if black is not your thing, you can order this same design in many different colours, and the print can be done in different colours as well. I ordered the top in M just to make sure it would not be too snug, but the sizing is quite generous, no need go a size up. Especially with this top, I think it might look even better if it was a tiny bit tighter, but I'll just take it in a bit when I have the time :)

While the design is hand painted, it's doesn't require any extra care. I'm super lazy with high maintenance clothing, so I am very happy about this. You can wash the top in the machine inside out and even tumble dry on low heat.

I really love the harness detail on the top, it's the perfect addition to the slight sheen of the fabric and the lovely rough painting style. Looks good, has interesting details, and is easy to wash and dry. Just my kind of a thing!


  1. Ihanaa vaihtelua tuo käsin maalattu jälki! :)

  2. The harness detail makes this top stand out!


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