Sunday, 21 May 2017

Better Together Cheek and Lip Makeup Bag Set

I have many small pouches inside my large handbag to make it easy to find things. When they are in pouches and not floating all around the bag, my life is easier. That being said, when I saw the Better Together make-up collection that Kat von D and Too Faced made in collaboration, I just had to have the set with the super cute make-up bag! I love glitter and sphinx cats, so what could be better than a tiny bag with both? I resisted buying this for a long time, but when it was on sale at the Stockholm Sephora, I grabbed it.

Better Together Cheek & Lip Makeup Bag Set
The set, like the name says, has cheek and lip products. The mini Studded Kiss Lipstick is in shade Muse, a shimmery nude-ish brown, and the mini Everlasting Liquid Lipstick is XO, a bright red. On the Too Faced side there are two products, a mini Candlelight Glow Highligher in Rosy Glow and a mini Love Flush Blush in an exclusive shade So Happy Together.

The glittery doggie side...

...and the matte black kitty side.

The products are all mini sized. I understand that for some people they may seem weird, as they really are tiny, but I just love small things so they look super cute to me. Sometime small blushes are tricky to use if you can't get them on a large brush evenly, but I have not found this to be a problem with the blush or highlighter in this set. It could be after there's a dent in the blush, possibly then it might be hard to reach with a brush. I don't know if the highlighter is supposed to be used as two separate shades, but I've just swirled it all together. It's not too shimmery, but quite subtle, which I like.

XO is the liquid to matte lipstick and it's a very stunning red. Blue based and bold, the classic red I'd say! Muse is quite the opposite, a muted brown-red, very natural and easy to wear.

Of this set, the blush has become my favourite. It's a cool red, which works very well on my skintone, and it has just the right amount of pigment for my use. I want my blush to show a bit, not be just a flush of colour. Muse has been the trickiest one to use, but that's mostly because I don't wear wax-based lipsticks that often, they are just too high maintenance for me. For the discounted price of about 19 euros this felt like really good value for my money. For full price the products are too tiny and feel too plastic-y, and the bag is quite small. But yay for the glitter and the cute little nekkid kitty!

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