Saturday, 20 May 2017

Flying Around

Whew, it's been busy! This is my fifth week of at least one trip abroad per week. After I get home on Monday, I'll just lounge on the sofa with my husband and kitties and enjoy being home. I've been to Stockholm, Vancouver, Brno and now Stockholm again, then southern Sweden on Monday. I love traveling and seeing the world, and always think that you have to strike while the iron is hot, so as long as I am booked to do presentations, I will do them. In time this will pass and I'll settle back to normal office hours and I do enjoy that too. I work as a game designer, being creative and coming up with both solutions to problems and new kinds of features is my job. Doing presentations is what I do on the side, as I enjoy public talking and like to tell of the awesome work we do at the office.

Sushi bento in Vienna. That miso soup was so delicious!

I have to say Stockholm has become one of my favourite cities. I've been there three times this year already, two of the visits being for pleasure. Lots of wonderful museums, and most of them are free, delicious food and decently priced easy-to-use public transportation. Now that EU is banishing the roaming charges, moving around is so much easier as I no longer need to rely on offline maps or finding an open wifi. That and I can play Pokemon Go where I want ;D

Saint George and the dragon in Stockholm old town.

London is my other favourite! I got to visit it a week before my five week travel streak. It had been years since my last visit, but London just has that unique charm that always draws me back. It was a business trip, but I had more free time than usually, so I managed to squeeze in a visit to Tower Hamlets cemetery, a Jack the Ripper walk and the Jack the Ripper museum, since I was staying in Whitechapel. I've been planning a trip to go see the Victorian cemetaries around London, and Tower Hamlets is one of them, so one off my list! It was a beautiful place, although it suffered badly in the Second World War and looks more like a park nowadays. The beautiful old gravestones and monuments looked oddly fitting in the midst of the nature at springtime, with flowers budding, trees with small leaves and singing birds all around.

Saint Clementiane in the Capuchin monk crypt in Brno. Saints seem to be a recurring theme in my travels!

I have a long list of places I want to visit: the viking museum in Oslo, Iceland with more time than on my last visit, Prague because I loved the Czech Republic, Spain because I've never been there, Edinburgh just because, Dublin because I want to see the neolithic mound that was closed the last time I was there...

But being home is also wonderful <3


  1. I love London! I've lived here for 12 years now and I'm still in awe of how much there is to see and do here.
    And Stockholm is stunning. I've only been there once, but it felt like home.
    Life without travel wouldn't be worth living!

    1. Traveling is so much fun! London is such a great place, so many things to do and see!

  2. ah brno <3, i love this city. did you visit the ossarium?


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