Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Dream Couch

I sort of failed my no-shopping January because I bought a couch. But it was pretty! And cheap! And second hand! And came with two chairs and a table! And it's my dream couch! Also our old one wasn't in a good condition and we had been discussing getting a new one and once my other half agreed (after I had mercilessly pestered him about it for weeks) that an antique sofa might be nice, I went ahead and got us one. 

Once I got the permission to buy some kind of an antique sofa, I checked, the local equivalent of Ebay. There was one sofa that looked very nice and was located close by. I was just going to phone the seller and ask how much it would cost to get the furniture delivered to our apartment, but he was very willing to sell and the sofa was in our living room by the end of the day :) The whole set cost me 400 euros including delivery, which was a very good price considering a new sofa would have cost at least 300 euros (and it would have been uglier).

I'm super happy with it! It's beautiful, comfy and in a good condition, nothing broken and only one small stain on one of the chairs. It's not very old, since it has modern cushions and the fabric hasn't worn out. I was planning on painting the wooden parts black, but my other half likes it this way so no paint for this baby! Luckily I have another couch that I can work on if I run out of things to do... ;)

Now some pictures!

The sofa and a kitty, the ugly blue thing is the corner of the old sofa

Closeup of the arm rests (and my lovely pillows)

The chairs that came with it

The coffee table. It's not the same shade of wood so it isn't from the same set, but still is very nice

I'm not sure if I'll keep the table, there was no picture of it on the ad so I just hoped it would be nice. I was hoping for one with four legs so I could have installed a shelf beneath the table between the legs to have some space for all the stuff we have in the living room. It's still very pretty and I'll try if I get used to it! The table needed some TLC, I put four screws on the bottom of the top part to make it more steady and re-glued one of the legs because it was a bit wobbly. Now it's good and steady. I still think it would look better painted black, but I'd probably paint everything black if allowed ;)

I was worried if our kitties would scratch the fabric, but they didn't seem that interested in it. The old sofa is horribly customized by cats, but it had been scratched when my other half got it and it was impossible to keep our kitties from doing the same when they noticed it was already marked by some other cat. Luckily it seems to be related to only the one piece of furniture and they mostly only scratch their scratching posts. They mainly wanted to lounge on the new sofa.

Happy users on the sofa

Another happy sofa user

It fits three cats!


  1. Love the new sofa & chairs, but ITA that they would look amazing if they were painted black. :)

    1. I must start dropping hints to my other half so eventually he might give up ;) My other plan is to paint my old rococo style sofa's wooden parts so then he will see how great it looks and immediately agree that these should be painted too!

  2. I wouldn't touch that beautiful sofa with any paint! It looks gorgeous as it is, I can just imagine it in some big old Victorian drawing room! If only I could find one for our living room! xxx

  3. That’s one elegant sofa you have there! Classic red cushion with a wooden frame – it’s very stylish and it matches your floor perfectly. I hope your cats haven’t put a scratch on the sofa until now. :)
    {Jimmy Colwell}

  4. Lovely sofa you got there! It provides a different statement of the entire living room. Glad to know you got what you dreamed of.

  5. Looking at your new couch, I felt like I’ve time-travelled back to the Victorian era! The design is very simple, but elegant. It is everybody’s dream couch! But it would be cool if your throw pillows are in beige or off-white colors, so it will have a good color balance with your magnificent sofa.

    Darryl Margulies

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. That sofa is definitely a beauty! I must agree with you and my fellow commenters that it’s everyone’s dream couch. I wish it'll stay the same way you want it to be. It looks better on its own.

    Wacky Brown


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