Thursday, 26 January 2012

Hello Kitty Look

I wanted to do a look for's make-up challenge. The theme for this week was Hello Kitty, and as it happens I like Hello Kitty! I drink my tea every day at the office from a cute Hello Kitty mug. I felt like I should use a lot of glitter and pink, so I did a look with Sugarpill's Chromalust loose shadows.

What I used:

Sugarpill Magentric
Sugarpill Birthday Girl
Sugarpill Hysteric
Sugarpill Darling
Sugarpill Lumi
Evil Shades Mixing medium
Isadora Kajal 79 Bright Turquoise

I used Magentric and Birthday Girl on the lid and crease, Hysteric on lower lid, Darling as a liner and a dash of Lumi in the inner corner. Birthday Girl kind of vanished under Magentric after blending and I should have used Hysteric with a wet brush to get more intensity, but the Darling liner came out really nice! I mixed the shadow with Evil Shades mixing medium and painted the line with a thin brush. I haven't quite masted the medium, since it tends to stay sticky on my lids (that's why you can see some of the lining has transferred to the upper lid), but it might just need a bit more of eyeshadow in the mix. I used a turquoise kohl pencil on the waterline.

I didn't take a full face shot because my flat iron broke and my hair is totally not co-operating without it! And I couldn't decide what to put on my lips ;)


  1. It looks awesome! I am also jealous of your hello kitty mug! ^.~ Thank you for participating.

    1. Thank you, I really like challenges because it's fun to see how different looks people do with the same theme :)

  2. Very pretty, the look matches your banner up there!

    1. Thanks, I didn't even notice they match! Guess you can see I like my pinks and purples :)

  3. Woah, so girly! Love it :D Especially your big flicks!

    1. Nice to know you like it, thank you :)


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