Thursday, 12 January 2012

Morgana Cryptoria Black Friday Shopping And Swatches

I got a package from Morgana Cryptoria today, containing stuff I brought on the Black Friday sale.

Packed in a pretty bag!

Here's what's inside.
I had never tried Morgana Cryptoria before, but had read praising reviews of the lip products and had marveled at the shade selection at the web shop. Black Friday seemed like the perfect time to try them out! Unfortunately, there were only a few products available at the sale (or maybe I was too slow and most of the stock was already gone), but I picked a few lippies and a few eyeshadows to get my order total above the minimum sum.

The shipping was fast when taking to account the huge amount of orders placed at the sale and the time it takes to ship to Finland. Everything arrived intact and I liked all the products! Now on to the swatches:

Starburst, 11th Hour, Sapphire Smile, Eggplant and Heliotrope lip balms.
Starburst - Almost black base with teal and purple glitter

11th Hour - Cold dark pink shimmery base with a tiny amount of gold glitter

Sapphire Smile - Metallic dark teal

Eggplant - A brownish warm purple colour. This seemed to be the sheerest of the colours.

Heliotrope - A matte blue based purple.

The picture doesn't capture the nice sparkles in Starburst well, but otherwise the colours are true to life (meaning true to camera flash illuminated life). I'm not sure if Eggplant is really my type of color, but they all seemed really nice and had a nice texture and opacity.

Only Eggplant was in the old type of tube, other colours were in slim lip balm tubes.

The eyeshadows were just something I quickly picked to try out, they are both from the Haunted Eyes collection from 2010. They are both nice shades, with a lot of glitter, but neither was an instant favourite. They are swatched over Pixie Epoxy from Fyrinnae.

All Holos Gleam - A dark grey shimmery base with tons of glitter in mostly in teal, but also purple, orange, red and yellow.

Cryptic - Dark blackened plum matte base with purple glitter

All Holos Gleam and Cryptic. Cryptic had much more glitter in real life!

All Holos Gleam glimmering in the jar!

One more angle of All Holos Gleam just to show off the amazing glitter.

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