Tuesday, 10 January 2012


I made some necklaces to be sold at Desucon Frostbite! It's an anime themed convention happening next weekend in Lahti and I was very happy that my friend wanted some jewelry to sell. I love making things, but with a huge collection of earrings and necklaces I don't really need any more for my self at the moment.

I made some skull cameos from cameos and settings brought from Etsy, and finished a few glittery molded resin pendants. The glittery glass ovals are my new favourites, I've been wearing a similar one for a few weeks to test if the glue I used for them holds, and it seems to work just fine. They are super shimmery and pretty!

The packaging was made in a hurry, but turned out really nice. I had black cardboard, small zipper storage bags and some sticker paper that can be printed on. I scribbled half of the skull design, finished it in Photoshop and printed and cut the stickers. (I would have wanted the white sticker to span the whole width of the cardboard pieces, but I placed the skulls too close to each other and there was no space left.) I then placed the stickers and made slanted cuts to each side of the cardboard pieces, wiggled the necklaces in place and bagged everything. They are not perfect, but I'm happy and it was fun making both the jewelry and the packages!

// Kaulakoruja myyntiin Desucon Frostbite -tapahtumaan Lahdessa! Löytyvät Kuroi Nekon pöydästä. Muutamia pääkallo-kameoita, valettuja glitterisiä hartsikoruja ja lasisia glitter-koruja.


  1. Gorgeous pendants, love the sparkly ones!

  2. Thank you both! I'm hoping they sell well at the convention, I'm drowning in jewelry as is ;)


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