Tuesday, 10 January 2012

New Shoes Are Love

 I'm having a shopping free January, but I ordered these babies just after Christmas from Nasty Gal. I had been looking longingly at the spiked model of Jeffrey Campbell's Lita shoes, and the black ones were also super pretty, but both were a bit over my budget. Luckily, after some googling I came across the purple style, and they were on sale! Purple is one of my favourite colours and suede leather looked really nice, so in to the basket they went. The shipping was fast and reasonably priced, so after the customs fees they cost me  around 130 euros all in all.

The best part was that the shoes very exactly the right size and felt really comfy! They also smell nicely of new leather

Sorry about the dark pictures, it's so dark outside that I had to resort to using flash. Apparently the flash also needs new batteries soon ;)


  1. Wow those are gorgeous. I wish I could wear shoes like that. I'd fall over and break my neck though. D=

  2. Darling Girls, thanks, I think so too ;P

    Luna, I still haven't taken them outside since it's been snowing for two days straight, I've just been wearing them inside the house but they are surprisingly comfy and easy to wear! The soles also have a nice grip, not those slippery plastic soles that some cheap-but-so-lovely-looking shoes have. So if you go for any heels, these babies are one of the easiest ones!

  3. Oh that's good to know. =D They look awesome. Hopefully you get to wear them out soon. =]


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