Friday, 13 January 2012

Green With Envy Look

I wanted to participate in Never Too Much Shimmer Facebook group's weekly make-up showcase, this week the theme was Green with Envy. I don't really use green much, I think it takes the colour out of my green-blue eyes, but I decided to give it a go anyway! I have some green shadows so it's about time I learned how to use them :P
To help with my fear of green, I decided to add some pink to the look and it seemed to work out nicely. I managed to catch some natural light today as I was working from home, so the colours look good and true to life.

Open eye

Closed eye

Full face

This shows the eyeshadows better, I think!
This is what I used, I listed the colour descriptions also so this can be done with any similar products!

Sugarpill Absinthe (Light grass green with green and gold sparkle)
Sugarpill Junebug (Dark army green with green shimmer and glitter)
Sugarpill Tako (plain matte white)
Fyrinnae Dragon Magic (Forest green with teal glitter)
Antoinette's Revolution Liaisons (Strong cool pink, close to magenta)
Antoinette's Revolution Le Soleil (Greenish yellow)
Evil Shades Suffocation (The perfect pink! A cool light pink with a blue shift)
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Pencil in Zero (Black)
Random false eyelashes

Lips & Face
ELF Liquid Lipstick in Pink Lemonade (Dark cool pink)
ELF Natural Radiance Blush in Flushed (A dark shimmery cool pink)

I started with Urban Decay Primer Potion and went on applying some Sugarpill Tako to the inner corner of my eyes. Continued with some Antoinette's Revolution Le Soleil on upper lid towards the center of the lid and switched to Sugarpill Absinthe, working it on the rest of the lid and up past the crease. Added some Fyrinnae Dragon Magic to darken the crease, but it didn't show up that well, so I went over it with Sugarpill Junebug. Added Tako as a highlight below the brow.

On lower lid I did the outer corner and a wing with Antoinette's Revolution Liaisons and switched to Evil Shades Suffocation at the inner corner. Also faded the lower edge of Liaisons with Suffocation. Added black eyeliner and falsies.

Lips were simply done with ELF liquid lipstick, they are one of my favourite products from ELF. Very easy to use, have a nice amount of colour but not so much that they would need lipliner or look silly as they fade away. The blush is nearly the same shade as the lipstick and I just thought it went well with the pink eyeshadow and lipstick, I didn't want to have many different shades of pink on at the same time.

As an afterthought, I maybe should have put Absinthe even higher above the crease towards the eyebrows, or fade it out with some other colour to make a smoother border between it and the Taco highlight. I'll try that next time.

Bonus pic with a smile! I'm so shy about smiling in photos, but I wanted to experiment and thought this picture came out nice :)

Am I green with envy?


  1. I think it looks nice. ^.^ I love your brows. I think you're cute with a smile. I hate smiling in photos. >.> I think I look stupid, plus my teeth are bad from my health problems, so half ass smiles on happen. XD Green looks good on you, you should try it more often. =]

    1. Thank you Luna! I think I will try to use green more often from now on!

  2. I like everything about this! You look gorgeous doll!


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