Sunday, 10 June 2012

Bella Morte Calls The Ships To Port

Last night was Bella Morte club, this time held in a restaurant next to a lake. Sadly the weather was rainy, so people couldn't fully enjoy the large terraces, but otherwise the location was ideal! A large dancefloor and plenty of tables to sit at and chat. I met some old friends I hadn't seen in a while, it was lovely to just hang around and talk while drinking beer in the cold Finnish summer. My other half was DJ'ing, so there was bound to be some good music, also ;P

Here's my party look! I forgot to take a picture of the full outfit, but I wore a pvc bolero, purple and black corset and black satin hotpants with black tights and purple glittery boots. I have to take a picture of the boots some day, they are really awesome and got lots of compliments!

I used:

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in nro 13
Evil Shades Matte Silk powder
Evil Shades blush in Pink Noise

TheBodyNeeds Blackened Violet
Antoinette's Revolution Louis
Sugarpill Taco
Red Cherry spider web lashes

Maybelline Super Stay 10h Tint Gloss in Timeless Plum
Morgana Cryptoria lipstick in Licorice

Look at the pretty lashes!

Timeless Plum with some Licorice at the edges, blended in.

Full face (and my favourite curtains in the background)

Me and my other half! He made the tie clip himself using a cameo I made.

You can see my wonderful PVC bolero, it's really hot but otherwise nice. Also the little hat
I got from Leipzig and my favourite necklace with skeleton hands. Managed to break one
of the fingers, but they have been glued so many times before that it's not a surprise anymore!

And my other half ready to play some records! He's wearing Sugarpill Midori
(I suggested it to bring out his lovely brown eyes, do you think it works?) and
Morgana Cryptoria lipstick in Licorice. And some tacky sunglasses from Restyle ;P

I've treated myself to some Diablo 3, so it might affect the blog updating a bit ;P I'm already at level 14 and love the game! I played both previous Diablos with great fervour and this one seems no different. I've also managed to do some shopping (even though I've been crazy busy, full days at a game seminar and lots of work to be done) and have a necklace, corset and some games coming in. More on those once they arrive!


  1. That PVC bolero is awesome - I love the huge puffy shoulders! There is something quite Victorian about puffy shoulder sleeves!

    Your makeup is gorgeous as always - I'm really thinking about getting some of the Misscha BB cream - I've put it off for a long time but I think it's time to try it out! I think I'll have to go for the same shade as you! Love those spider web lashes - they look so delicate and pretty!

    Love your blokes hair and glasses! xxx

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment! I really like the BB cream, you should go ahead and try it! It has a really lovely texture and the palest shade is a good neutral shade, not the least bit yellow or orange.

  2. Upeita kuvia teistä! Oot kyllä todella kaunis näissä :)

  3. Eep so pretty. You should always take full body shots so I can see your pretty clothes and live vicariously through you. XD

    1. I'll remember the shots next time, I promise! The hotpants I wore were actually panties from the Sonia Rykiel for H&M collection from a few years back, I thought I looked quite hot in them ;P

  4. Hat, Hair, lashes and that bolero!!! I love it!
    You looked gorgeous!

  5. you both looks so wonderful!!!Love ur skeleton necklase and latex top *___*

  6. You 2 are the coolest couple.... ever.

  7. You both look fabulous! I agree with Luna...I wanted to see the full effect of both your outfits :-)

    1. Thanks! Next time I'll skip one glass of cider and change the camera lens instead to bring you guys better pics ;P

  8. Lovely makeup, I would have liked to see those glittery boots!


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