Saturday, 23 June 2012

Midsummer Look and Outfit

To celebrate Midsummer, my other half and I decided we would just stay home and do what came to mind, since we have been on the move every weekend since WGT. So we had a friend stay over, my other half cooked an excellent meal and then we all went to the park to enjoy the sun.

My cheek is still a bit swollen because of the wisdom tooth thingie, but I just
decided to do a really colourful eye make-up so no one will notice ;P

I opted for a black dress with lace inserts on the sleeves and body jewelry
I got from Gina Tricot some time ago. It goes so nice with plain black tops!

And here's what make-up I wore!

Sugarpill Hysteric with Evil Shades mixing medium, painted on top of Sugarpill Bulletproof

Fyrinnae Javan Rhino (on the lid)
Detrivore Brine (on the edges of Javan Rhino to give the lid depth)
Fyrinnae Cuddlefish (in the crease)
Detrivore Death Valley (above Cuddlefish)
Sugarpill Tako (on brow bone and inner corner)
Sugarpill Stormy lashes
White kohl (on waterline)
MAC Blactrack (on upper lid, the lashes kinda make it disappear)

On the lower lid there's a gradient of Javan Rhino, Death Valley and Cuddlefish topped with a touch of Sugarpill Poison Plum.

Maybelline Super Stay 10h Tint Gloss (what a mouthful!) in Timeless Plum

It was so nice to do a colourful look, I've haven't been wearing eyeshadow for a few days because I've just been at home eating painkillers so the wisdom tooth wound will heal quick. I previously thought Cuddlefish is too blue-ish for me, but with these other colours it worked perfectly! Maybe I'll try a same type of look on top of Pixie Epoxy next time, so the glitter will show better :) My hair is curled with a curling wand (and really needs some new colour, my fringe is so faded from swimming in the lake last weekend!) and tossed to one side to show my undercut.

The day was really hot and the sun was blazing, so we put lace curtains on the
balcony to keep out the worst heat. Seems to work perfectly and the kitties liked it!
Another view of the curtains, they are from my grand mother and even had little hooks fitted
so they clipped on to our cat net conveniently. Last summer we made a frame with chicken wire
and fitted it to the balcony so we can keep the door open without fear that the kitties would
fall. There's also a window sill so the cats can sit and look outside, they seem to like it.
The lantern was found in the trash when we moved in, someone had thrown it out since it's
all rusted, but I liked it a gave it a new home :)

Grilling marshmallows in the park is fun! This pic was
taken around nine PM, the sun was still up and bright!

Not the correct way to eat a marshmallow ;P

A silly smiley pic ;D

Jacket - Lip Service
Dress - H&M
Body jewelry - Gina Tricot
Earrings - Claire's
Bracelets - Glitter (and WGT since I still have the wristband ;P)
Stay-up socks - Norlyn (maybe, they are really old)
Shoes - New Rock

I wanted to wear my new boots and they were so comfy! I'm really happy with them, I might adjust the straps a bit but the insole is soft and they are very easy to walk in. The socks were old, I just happened to find them in my sock pile and since they had a hole already, I ripped them some more. I have yet to master the art of ripping thighs nicely, so I just made some holes and went with that.

I think the lighting makes my eye colour look really nice :)

Happy midsummer to everyone! Remember to work some love spells if that's what you need in your life since this is the best time of the year for that :)


  1. I love this. Great eyebrows too!

    1. Thanks! I hadn't tried coloured brows before, but I think I'll definitely use colour again!

  2. Your makeup is so lovely! Xxxx:)

  3. Wow, amazing make-up! What foundation do you use? And what powder? Your skin looks so beautiful and flawless :)

    1. Thank you! I use a BB-cream by Missha, here's my review of it and a link to the eBay seller I bought it from:

      My powder is Matte Silk by Evil Shades, it's a nice transparent powder that works well on my oily skin :)

  4. You are looking gorgeous as always :) Love your hair, your eyemakeup and this body jewellery! Pretty!!! <3

  5. Please stop being so gorgeous!! :D Love your hair, make up and the smiley pic!

    1. No worries, I'm not looking good with a red nose from sneezing at the moment ;P Thanks for the lovely comment!

  6. Gorgeous look - both makeup and clothes!!

  7. ...soo pretty...i love the body's beautiful and unique

    1. Thanks! I'm very happy with the body jewelry, it was the second last in the whole shop when I got it, and the other one had some melted beads.

  8. So pretty. I love your makeup. =D

    1. Thank you so much! It was so much fun to do a colourful look after looking boring for some time :)

  9. I totally adore your hairs ! and also this very strange "necklace" is really beautyfull !

    1. Thank you! I'm planning on adding black to the fringe again to hide the fading bits, I hope it works well :)

  10. Hitsi miten kaunniita kuvia, siulla vaan on älyttömän upeat hiukset!:) Tuo kaulakoru on siisti, sopii tosiaan mustien paitojen kanssa. Mie oon tuon tapaista haikaillut, mut mie haluisin, et se ois painottunut enemmän selän / olkapäiden alueelle, selästä avoimien paitojen kanssa sopivasti. Pitänee itse kokeilla väsätä, kun nuita tarvikkeitakin tuppaisi olemaan, enkä ole moista vielä löytänyt. :)

    1. Kiitos ihanasta kommentista! GinaTricot'ssa oli mielestäni viime viikolla (vai toissa viikolla?) tullut uusia vartalokoruja, joku niistä voisi olla sulle mieleinen tai tuunattavissa sopivaksi :)

  11. woow you look gorgeous,I love ur makeup,bone cardigan and pearls ^^

  12. Todella upea meikki ja kaunis asukokonaisuus :)

  13. I really love your look on this post, that body/necklace is amazing. Your curls are so cute. And the colour of your brows is just fantastic. I pretty much adore this look: yes, yes!

  14. love the look , i would eat a marshmillow that way for sure-p


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