Thursday, 21 June 2012

Cailap Smoky Eyes Brush Set

One of my Mariela Sarkima for Cailap blending brushes broke a few weeks back, the glue in the ferrule gave out and the brush started shedding like there's no tomorrow.

Shedding. Not nice.
So I wrote an email to the customer service at Cailap to ask if I could get a new brush (this one was only a few months old and I'm very careful with my brushes when washing, so there must have been something wrong with it) and if they wanted the busted one for examination. They answered me in a few hours and asked for my address so they could send me a brush set for compensation. A day later I got a packet with the brushes and a letter of apology. I think they handled it wonderfully!

I'm also very pleased with the brush set. I had been looking at it earlier in the department store, but decided to buy only the blending brushes, since I wasn't sure I would use the other ones. The set has a blending brush, eyebrow/liner brush and an eyeshadow brush. It costs 19,90 euros and is only available in Sokos department stores.

Blending brush, eyeshadow brush and brow/liner brush

Size comparison, the blending brush has
a much thicker handle than the others.

The brow/liner brush. This one was the most surprising, I thought
it to be too fluffy and soft for lining the eyes, but it performed really
well. Haven't tried it on my (non-existent) brows.

Eyeshadow brush. Too small for me, but works well for applying
shadow precisely. I usually use bigger brushes, but tried this with
putting on darker shadow in the crease and it was just he right size.

Blending brush. I have six of these now and I'm very fond of
them. They work very well for smoky looks and as the name states,
for blending.

The backside of the package instructs how to use the brushes. Just out of curiosity,
I tried to use the brushes just as the package says, and the result was very nice!

The package has instruction on how to use the brushes for a smoky eye look. It's in Finnish so here's a short translation: 
1. Put a grey eyeshadow on the whole lid with the blending brush. 
2. Line the upper and lower lashlines with a black shadow using the brow/liner brush. 
3. Use a dark grey or a a black shadow to add depth to the outer corner of the eye using the eyeshadow brush.
4. Blend the edges of the shadows with the blending brush.

Done using the packages instructions and all three brushes. I used Pollen Set in Stone,
Sugarpill Bulletproof and a dash of Sugarpill Taco on the brow bone and inner corners.
I'm also wearing black contacts, that's why my eye colour looks weird ;P

All in all I'm super happy with the brush set and the way Cailap handled my complaint. I also was able to fix the shedding brush (at least for now, the glue I used might not be suitable for the bristles in the long run). All the brushes are very soft but firm and work for the purpose they are meant for.

-Synthetic high quality bristels
-Soft yet firm bristles
-Good choice of brushes, you can do a whole look with just these three
-Price, I think 20 euros for three high quality brushes is a good price

-The department stores don't offer tester brushes, which is just plain silly


  1. I've never heard of this brand before which is a given seeing as they seem to be only available in Finland but I love the colour of the brush handles! They look good quality too! x

    1. I really love the colour, that's what got me to initially try out these brushes :)


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