Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Round-up of past Photo Contest Works

I like editing photos and have taken part in a few photo contests before, so thought I'd collect the pictures in one post for you to see. Generally after the contest there's no use for the pictures, but I worked so hard on them that I want to show them to you!

This was done for a competition where the prize was the huge chain-sword
replica that's in the picture. The task was to photoshop a picture of the sword
into your own pic. I came in third, if I remember correctly. Picture and editing
by me.

This was done for the Sakura make-up contest on the Gothique blog (now defunct). I came in third
(but never received the prize for some reason). The pic was taken with my old camera
in the middle of winter, and it was way too dark to get any decent shots, so I'm not that fond of
this one any more. The yukata I'm wearing was sewn by me years ago, I still use it as a
dressing gown since the pattern is so nice. Picture taken by my boyfriend.

Last winter Sugarpill had a Winter Wonderland themed contest. This was my entry,
I'm very happy how the look and pictures came out! I used craft glitter on my lips,
white mascara, eyeshadow and kohl pencil on my eyes and brows and some Love+
(or Dollypop, can't remember) on cheeks, nose and chin to make it look like I had been out
in the cold. I'm wearing a vintage fox stole draped over my head. Pic taken by my
boyfriend, editing by me.


  1. Omg these are all amazing! *dies of hotness*

  2. I love the first one!!!!!!! fainting from gorgeousness

  3. Wow, you are amazingly gorgeous and talented!

  4. I adore the Sugarpill entry! Very frosty make-up!

  5. These are all really nice, but the third one is totally awesome :)

  6. That second look is so gorgeous! The hair is just amazing too! ♥

  7. They're all awesome, but I absolutely fricken LOVE the last one! :D

  8. The first one is so friggin' awesome! Love the lashes!! x

  9. Thank you all so much! I hope I'll find the time to dig up some new contests just so I can work on pictures again :)

  10. Beautiful! I especially love the last one, it's wonderful.

  11. WOW, these came out awesome! You are very creative with makeup.

    1. I have background in art studies, so I paint everything, like chairs and my face ;P


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