Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Shopping in Germany

While in Germany, I did some shopping, mainly in Claire's, DM and at the WGT market area. I decided to do a separate post on all the cosmetics and here it is :)

Red Cherry and Claire's lashes. The spider web ones are so pretty!

Pad for under the ball of the foot. Excellent for high heels! They tend to cost
 at least five euros in Finland, so I picked up two pairs at DM for 2,70 euros a pack.

Claire's mini glitter polish set. This is for my upcoming giveaway!

Hair flowers, the fabric ones are from Claire's, they had a buy two get one for free offer.
The black leather one is hand-made, bought it from a stall at the WGT marketplace.

P2 cosmetics lip scrub pen. This was an impulse buy, cost under three euros and looked nice.
It also works fine, it has sugar scrub agent inside that's dispensed onto the fluffy tip and is easy to rub
on to your lips.

Earrings from Claire's. They were on discount so I went wild ;)

Essence nail stickers. First I only got one pack of the black lace French manicure
stickers and tried them on, but I liked them so much that I went back and bought a few packs more.

Essie polishes! I really like these, they are super expensive in Finland (over 14 euros per bottle)
but in Germany they cost a little over seven euros. Luckily they had the colours I had been
drooling over in Finland, so I got three. From left to right they are Mint Candy Apple,
Lovie Dovie and Jamaica Me Crazy.

A purple hot water bottle. I don't know why these are so hard to find in Finland, considering
how cold the winters are. I already have a boring white one, but now I can heat both
sides of the bed in the winter ;)

I'm obsessed with tiny hats, they are an essential part of my party looks! This one is
from the same stall as the black hair flower, it's made from an old vinyl record, black satin
and feathers. So pretty!

I got these fab glasses from the WGT market, they just looked
too cool to pass by. I already tested them and soy milk hot chocolate
tasted delicious!

I also bought a new corset, a jacket and the shredded shirt that was in the previous post. My other half found more clothing for himself than I did this year ;) We also got some honey wine (my favourite!) and spirits that were hard to get in Finland. And some candy from the airport, it wouldn't be a decent holiday without a bag full of chocolate and candy!


  1. Ohh, I have these Claire's lashes, exactly the same model, and I love them!

    And, by the way, I am an Essence-addict, so You made me quite excited with Your shopping :D

    1. I hope the lashes fit me well! I've been wearing more false lashes lately :)

  2. Great haul! Love the Essie polishes <3.

    XOXO from Germany.

  3. I love that skull glass! Could you please make a post on those Essence nail stickers, I am really intrigued by them! Especially as the designs are so pretty and lacey! ♥__♥

    1. I'll try them out soon, I already did a failed attempt when I didn't let the polish dry thoroughly before putting the stickers on. They still looked pretty, but didn't stay on. Better luck (and more pictures) next time!

  4. You probably don't have hot water bottles in Finland because they actually bother to insulate your houses properly! I love the ones you can get in my country. They are tucked up inside a soft toy so they are safe to give to little kids to cuddle.

    1. Insulation might be the thing! Our flat has huge windows, so it can still get pretty cold during the winter, and I like to put a hot water bottle in bed to warm it up before I go to sleep. It's heavenly to get under warm blankets!

  5. I love the earings on far right they're pretty!!

    Btw I wear the purple skulls earings you send the other day and I got lots of compliments :D Thank you <3

    1. So nice to hear the earrings suit you well! :)

  6. That glasses seem awesome! I as well would love to see your following nail treatments ♥
    Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Thank you! I'll do post on the nail stickers and polishes soon, I'm wearing Lovie Dovie right now :)

  7. You got so many wonderful things from you holiday! I love the long dangly earrings from Claire's and the Jamaica Me Crazy nail polish looks gorgeous! Those skull shot glasses are so cool!!

    Looove the spider web lashes, in fact I was just looking at falsies on a Hallowe'en costume website and I found these bat wing eyelashes - - Aren't they awesome?! xxx

  8. love headdresses and skull glasses ^^


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