Friday, 19 October 2012

ModelsOwn Cosmetics

The British company called ModelsOwn was having a sale a few weeks back, so I went ahead and ordered a few things I had had my eye on. The shipping fees were humongous, but I really really wanted some glittery nail polishes, so I got them anyway ;P

The package arrived in under a week. I really liked the packaging, everything came in a white box with a cardboard sleeve printed with the company logo in glossy ink. Every item was wrapped in bubble wrap, so there was no danger of things breaking. Really nice!

I was quite impressed with the packaging!

I got four items, three nail polishes, a lip and cheek tint and a bronzer. I generally don't do bronzers, but this one was matte and looked really light, so I wanted to try how it would do at contouring.

Nail polishes and the lip and cheek tint!

The nail polishes are from left to right Magenta Divine, Indian Ocean and Mixed Up. I've only tried Mixed Up so far, but it looks just like Sugarpill Stella eyeshadow and my heelless shoes, so I'm in love ;D Magenta Divine looks like the perfect colour in the bottle. I'm a bit unsure about Indian Ocean, it's pretty but I rarely wear blue, so it's still in the shrink plastic wrap waiting for me to make my mind up whether to keep it or not.  The last one, in a similar bottle, is a lip and cheek tint. I haven't found a good way to apply it to my cheeks, it tends to leave dots or streaks, but looks nice on the lips. It doesn't last long, so this one might be a miss.

Bronzer in Natural Bronze. Looks too dark in the pic!
The bronzer was a pleasant surprise. It's really light (the picture doesn't do it justice) and both shades work on my skin. I've used it so that I apply it to my jaw line and the sides of my nose with a big fluffy blush brush. It's subtle but I think it makes my cheek bones more pronounced. That's really hard to catch on camera but I promise I'll try!

Right now I'm planning a no-buy for next month, I have to save some money because the tax office sent me some extra to pay. Not fair! But the last no-buy I did made me really dig into my makeup collection and come up with new combinations from my closet, so it can be a good thing :)


  1. Indian Ocean is one of my faves!

  2. Swatches of nail polishes, please :) Indian Ocean looks so beautiful!

  3. Definitely some nice stuff. I have never tried this brand as it is not available in Canada.


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