Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Samhain Party!

A short commercial break! I'm so excited about this upcoming Samhain party, I co-organize club Underworld and this year we teamed up with club Bella Morte to organize a classic Halloween party with a cool costume competition and pretty surroundings :) Here's the flyer with detailed information for anyone interested!

Mainostauko! Olen tosi innoissani tulevista Samhain-bileistä, järjestän club Underworldia ja tänä vuonna löimme hynttyyt yhteen club Bella Morten kanssa järjestääksemme upeat Halloween-bileet! Paikkana on klassinen ravintola Laterna Tampereella, sama mesta missä Schattenin iki-ihanat Samhain-pippalot aikoinaan olivat. Tarjolla on upeiden puitteiden lisäksi mm. pukukilpailu hienoilla palkinnoilla!

Tässä vielä linkki Facebook-tapahtumaan josta löytyvät aina tuoreimmat tiedot.


  1. "Release the bats" ..sounds epic! :D Have you already chosen your costume?


    1. I've promised myself that I wouldn't buy anything new to wear, so I'm planning on putting on my half-mask hat and a see-through black lace skirt I made in the summer and couldn't wear when I planned because it rained. It's a long skirt so I'll be wiping the floors as I go ;P Haven't come up with a top yet or anything super fancy!

      I have to try and pick something that's still easy to move in, since I'm playing records and might have to run some last minute errands!


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