Thursday, 25 October 2012

Where I'm Coming From And Where I'm Going

This challenge was in many blogs, so I decided to do it too :) I copied the questions from Misantrella's blog! And kept her added length, because I'm pretty old ;P I used some old pictures from the blog so it wouldn't be super boring.

20 years ago...

I had just started school and our family had moved to a new house, I had left all my friends and a nanny I liked behind.
I liked to draw and paint and dreamed of having a pet.

15 years ago...

I got an aquarium and put some guppies in it! One was named Jafar after the villain in Disney's Aladdin.
I read Lord of the Rings and Hobbit and really fell in love with the world of fantasy.
I was bullied in school and found solace in books and drawing.

10 years ago...

I was seventeen, listened to the Sisters of Mercy and used to spend weekends drinking wine with my friends.
I decided to get good grades for my abitur (ylioppilaskirjoitukset), and did it (with lots of hard work)!
Got my first Pennangalan boots with money I saved from mopping the floors of a local supermarket. I still have the boots and used them just last summer :)

5 years ago...

I was studying graphic design.
I had just ended a long relationship and hopped on to a new one, but what I really would have needed was to spend some time with myself.
I started my career in the games industry by getting a trainee position in a mobile games company.

3 years ago...

I had just bough an apartment and put up the fanciest wallpaper ever with the help of my brother!
I was living alone and single, really getting to know who I am and what I want.
The company I worked for was dissolved and I moved on to work with a new, small games company.
I got my first leopard gecko! Got her from a pet expo, where I promised myself I could look at the snakes on sale and wouldn't buy any. They had one gecko at the table too, so that wasn't a snake and I bought her ;P

1 year ago...

I was living with my other half, we had moved in together a few months ago.
I had been at my current position at work for a year and really liked it.
I dyed my hair purple from the cotton candy pink I had worn for some time.

The past year....

I've gotten rid of some stuff I've lugged around for far too long.
Got the sofa of my dreams!
I started a blog.
I've dreamed of a new kitten, but my other half is kinda right that five cats is enough. Kitten cams are a good substitute ;P
I've been working hard to get closer to people, I'm so used to tackling everything alone that I seem to push people away. I think I've done very well so far :)

Yesterday I...

Made an offer for an apartment (well, not I, but we because my other half will own half of it!)
Ate a delicious sushi lunch! The sushi buffet next to the office is going to be the death of me ;P
Put up posters for the upcoming Samhain party.

Today I...

Will not go to the sushi buffet, but be a good girl and eat the lunch I brought from home.
Am hoping we will get a response from the real estate agent, the best thing would be if the seller would accept our offer!
Hope I have the time to make some stuff for the Samhain party, decoration is almost done (thanks to my lovely friends who helped!), just a few finishing touches and nice envelopes for the dress competition prizes.
Have a yoga class in the evening. I hope I'll do better than last week, because the push-ups they added to the sun salutation are really tricky for my spaghetti arms!

Tomorrow I...

Will be sore from the yoga ;)
It's Friday, so we will have some pastries in the office. This week it's my duty to pick them up!
I'll maybe go and have a beer or two somewhere, or just watch Star Trek at home if I'm feeling lazy.

The day after tomorrow I....

I have to check if I have any plans! My iPhone decided to call it quits, so I don't have my calendar and really can't remember if I have anything on Saturday ;P
Will stop by the flea market.
Maybe take some pictures outside if the weather is nice.

In a year I...

Hope me and my other half have found a nice apartment at a good price.
(If we get the one we are bidding for now, I hope we have had the money to renovate the kitchen)
Might have a new cat.
Am better at yoga!
Hope I'll continue in the same job, working on some new, exciting project.
Want to be as happy as now :)


  1. This is so inspiring, thanks for sharing. You seem happy with life!
    I think I shall do the same. Write a review, but also be happy of course.
    (And, I'm also thinking of getting another cat!)
    (And, am also looking at apartments, there are some amazing here in my historical home town...)


    1. Thanks for the comment! I am pretty happy with my life right now :) We are still struggling to see if we can get the apartment, but I'm pretty confident that if we don't get this one, another will come along. I'm totally in the mood to move and get to decorate a new home, so it's not easy to wait!

      I hope your review gives you a better view of where you are, and maybe you can find some positive things you didn't even notice before :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. This is a great post and i´m totally stealing it! It's also very good to see that you've been evolving in life and seem pretty happy right now!

    I discovered your blog recently and love it, your posts are delicious to read and your style is very inspirational! If you want, you could check mine out, i think you might like it!

    Take care :)

  4. Awesome, fun post! ^^ I've seen this challenge on other blogs as well, and I'll do it sometime as well. ^^ I want a second cat too...A little, white persian female, but my boyfriend keeps saying it some kind of a boyfriend thing? :P

    Good luck with finding your dream apartment! ^^

  5. Lots of interesting reading :D

    I think I'm gonna to this one too.


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